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UK vape store pricing: online isn’t always cheaper

21st October 2015 | News analysis |

A lack of competition has left the south and east of England with the highest average pricing in vape stores – but prices across the UK generally remain remarkably competitive with online sellers, according to new research from ECigIntelligence.

Farsalinos: e-cigs need a fresh legal approach

2nd October 2015 | News analysis |

Two of vaping’s most eminent scientific advocates have called for bespoke regulatory regimes that follow neither the tobacco nor the pharmaceutical model, but they acknowledge that formulating appropriate rules can be a “very challenging process”.

Opinion: public health, magical thinking and monsters under the bed

24th September 2015 | News analysis |

Counterblasts against Public Health England’s nearly unequivocal support for e-cigarettes were only to be expected, and their trajectory has been laid out by two of Britain’s most eminent general medical journals, The Lancet and The BMJ. But their arguments are neither nuanced nor practical, and are muddled by dislike of the tobacco industry.

E-cigs and dental health: a field wide open for study

22nd September 2015 | News analysis |

There has been little study or comment on e-cigs so far from professional bodies in dental health, or from dental researchers.
But that may now be changing, with increased interest from some corners of the dental profession in e-cigs’ role as potential reducers of harm to oral health.

Praise and criticism for Public Health England’s e-cig stance

11th September 2015 | News analysis |

British politicians this week heard praise from e-cigarette advocates for the recent endorsement of e-cigs by Public Health England (PHE), but some proponents argued that PHE’s backing was too little too late and failed to address serious short-term problems that they believe the industry faces in the UK.