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Ontario report: Open systems dominate but new legislation looms

19th December 2017 | Country market reports , Market reports |

In our latest look at Canada, we find that open system products dominate, taking up approximately 85% of the Ontario market, with a high prevalence of basic models. Most sales come through the offline channel, and we believe there are around 400 vape stores in Ontario, predominantly independents. Online analysis found 12 out 20 top national websites operate from Ontario. Furthermore, Ontario is the home province for multiple Canadian e-liquid brands. A new bill – The Smoke-Free Ontario Act –  will provide a very restrictive legal framework. We believe this bill will have a negative impact on the growth and development of e-cig market.

New bill signals fresh approach to Canada’s e-cig market

16th August 2017 | Country market reports , Market reports |

        Executive summary   Canada has an active e-cigarette market despite widespread confusion over the legal status of the products. There are still no federal laws related to e-cigarettes; however, Bill S-5, if approved, will become the first federal law on vapour products, unifying the current diverse regulatory framework, establishing a new approach to vaping products’ manufacturing, » Continue Reading.

Florida’s vape stores: which locations are favoured?

3rd August 2017 | Market reports , Topic market reports |

Our latest look at the Florida e-cig market investigates how vape stores are geographically located and how this distribution is related to the geographical concentration of tobacco stores. We also look at how much of a correlation there is between vape store concentration and the demographic characteristics of cities, such as population, education levels and household income. We identified and verified 477 vape stores and acquired a list of 5738 tobacco retail stores.

U.S. manufacturers look toward pods to close market gap

28th March 2017 | Market reports , Topic market reports |

Pods are a new hardware category which aim to fill the gap in the U.S. market between the traditional products on offer. In this March 2017 report, we see that the key concept is to close the gap between easy-to-use products and high-performance ones. Pod hardware manufacturers are now collaborating with well-known e-liquid manufacturers, with benefits for both sides.

Hobbyists driving success of leading U.S. online sellers

6th January 2017 | Market reports , Topic market reports |

In 2016, the internet provided one of the most important distribution channels in the U.S., with about 15% of vapers regularly making their e-cigarette purchases online. The percentage was higher among hobbyists, with approximately 50% preferring to buy online, possibly due to lower prices. In this report, ECigIntelligence takes a more in-depth look at the online retail landscape and the most popular vendors.