Mexico: a new bid to legalise e-cigs

5th January 2018 | Regulatory reports |

The PRI party’s Senator Marcela Guerra Castillo has presented a new bill to legalise e-cigarettes in Mexico, in response to their continuing popularity. It is a bid to control the quality of products on the market. The bill legalises nicotine alternatives and establishes a level playing field for tobacco, heat-not-burn and vaping products. It takes a cautionary approach to their impact on health and introduces requirements above and beyond those of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

Light-touch regulation aids HnB over e-cigs in Japan

7th August 2017 | Regulatory reports |

In our latest look at Japan, we find the country is a favoured market for heated tobacco products because regulation is much lighter on tobacco than it is on nicotine-containing e-cigs. In a country where 20% of the population smoke, heated tobacco products are regulated in a similar way to tobacco in most policy areas.

Indonesia: ban looks possible – when government makes its mind up

15th December 2016 | Regulatory reports |

The legal classification of e-cigarettes in Indonesia is far from clear – whether they come under regulations relating to tobacco, pharmaceutical or consumer products.
What does seem clear is that e-cigs continue to be legal for now, despite some reports last year to the contrary. It is possible they may become illegal in future. Our in-depth regulatory report looks at every aspect of e-cigarette regulation in Indonesia.


Taiwan: likely to end pharma regime for nicotine-containing products

1st December 2016 | Regulatory reports |

In this report, ECigIntelligence looks in detail at the situation in Taiwan, where the legal situation may possibly be set to change. It is likely that nicotine-containing products will become legal while nicotine-free liquid will be banned, leading unusual situation of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes being available as consumer products while nicotine-free products were treated as pharmaceutical products.

Russia: regulations expected by 2017

5th August 2016 | Regulatory reports |

  There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Russia or the advanced search page.         Executive summary   • E-cigarette products are mainly unregulated in Russia, aside from general consumer and safety regulation. • Several initiatives to regulate policy are currently being discussed at the State Duma. […]

Canada’s e-cig regulation a three-tiered tangle

29th March 2016 | Regulatory reports |

    There are more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Canada.       Executive summary   The federal government’s regulatory stance on e-cigs is unclear, which is causing confusion in the industry and among regulatory bodies. The federal Health Canada agency has issued an advisory regulating the […]

Manila skyline

Philippines unregulated but local laws on horizon

28th January 2016 | Regulatory reports |

In the Philippines e-cigs are regulated as any other consumer product, therefore, the e-cig industry is largely unrestricted; in other words, very few product limitations apply, public usage and advertising is permitted, and e-cigs can be sold in any retail outlet.

E-cigarette regulation in Japan: the future is still pharma

26th January 2016 | Regulatory reports |

E-cigarette products containing nicotine cannot be sold in Japan without a pharmaceutical licence, and there appears to be little immediate likelihood of that changing. However, imports are tolerated and nicotine-free products can be sold. Our in-depth report on Japanese regulation examines the legal framework and specific legislation that constrains the e-cig market there.

Malaysia’s e-cig landscape, 2015

30th December 2015 | Regulatory reports |

        Executive Summary   In Malaysia, the manufacture, distribution or sale of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and e-liquids requires a pharmaceutical or medical license. Non-nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquids are treated as consumer products. Lack of enforcement implies that e-cigs are widely available. Five Malaysian states (Terengganu, Penang, Kedah, Johor, Kelantan) have banned the sale […]

E-cigarette regulation in Canada, July 2015

24th July 2015 | Regulatory reports |

Executive summary • Introduction • The multi-layered regulatory framework • Tobacco regulation – the multi-layered model in action • No federal regulation of e-cigs • The role of Health Canada • Provincial regulation • Municipal regulation • Trade associations and industry standards • Appendix 1: provincial and territorial tobacco regulation in Canada • Appendix 2: market authorisation in Canada