Market reports / Europe

From cigarettes to vaping — the factors for change

26th September 2018 | Market reports |

In this report we compares data on six countries – the UK, France, Italy, the US, Russia, and Germany – to identify factors that impact consumer choice when switching to vaping, including the range of products available, distribution coverage, and affordability

Things heat up as the e-cig continues to evolve

6th September 2018 | Market reports |

In a shift from the more traditional e-cigs, which heat e-liquid to produce a vapour which is then inhaled, heated tobacco devices apply controlled heat to tobacco. Here ECigIntelligence looks at the latest innovation in closer detail

CBD e-liquids: UK market report

29th June 2018 | Market reports |

In our latest look at the United Kingdom and CBD, we find that CBD-containing e-liquid products can be found online, few vape store chains and in some independent vape stores

A picture of e-cig pricing in the UK

16th May 2018 | Market reports |

ECigIntelligence looks at the pricing and products range in e-liquids and hardware categories across the top five e-cigarette retailer websites in the UK and finds a shift towards advanced hardware products