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Ukraine regulatory report: TPD beyond the EU?

12th March 2018 | Regulatory reports |

Ukraine’s current regulatory setup is lenient on e-cigs but with politicians keen to foster stronger links with the EU, and with acts now in force to strengthen existing relations, it’s only a matter of time before the European Union Association Agreement leads to tighter regulations

Hardware waste management in the EU

8th January 2018 | Regulatory reports |

The hardware and batteries used in e-cigarette products must be disposed of in line with EU legislation.
Packaging should display the crossed-out wheelie bin symbol, which indicates that hardware should be disposed of separately from normal household waste.

New regulatory initiatives create uncertainty in Italian e-cigarette market

17th November 2017 | Regulatory reports |

Uncertainty surrounds the Italian e-cigarette market, following a number of recent regulatory decisions and initiatives. These include a court decision on the long-running issue of whether to tax nicotine-free e-liquids; proposals to ban online sales and limit offline sales; a range of potential new tax regimes; and new powers to shut down non-compliant online sellers.