New bill signals fresh approach to Canada’s e-cig market

16th August 2017 | Market reports |

        Executive summary   Canada has an active e-cigarette market despite widespread confusion over the legal status of the products. There are still no federal laws related to e-cigarettes; however, Bill S-5, if approved, will become the first federal law on vapour products, unifying the current diverse regulatory framework, establishing a new […]

Malaysia: tough regulation stifles market growth

10th August 2017 | Market reports |

ECigIntelligence estimates the Malaysian e-cig market to be worth 513.4m ringgit ($120m) in 2017, with 600,000 vapers. Regulatory uncertainly and a ban on e-cigarettes in some states makes the outlook for future growth pessimistic. This static market is focused on hobbyists and dominated by open system e-cigs, with most vapers using advanced mods with digital screens.

Japan market fragmented with sales concentrated online

15th June 2017 | Market reports |

        Executive summary   Electronic cigarettes have started to gain popularity after a sharp increase in tobacco taxes. The market of reduced-risk products in Japan seems to be dominated by heated tobacco rather than e-cigarettes, with iQOS leading the market for heated tobacco. Nicotine-containing e-cigarettes require a pharmaceutical licence. However, importing for […]

Spanish focus group highlights lack of brand loyalty among vapers

14th June 2017 | Market reports |

In April 2017, ECigIntelligence conducted a focus group with five Spanish e-cig users. The participants were recruited through a chain of vape shops and using social media. The participants were asked to discuss their e-cig usage habits, their hardware and e-liquids’ preferences, as well as, their purchase channels.

China: a market with massive potential but unusual challenges

4th November 2016 | Market reports |

In this report ECigIntelligence takes an in-depth look at the market in China. The world’s most highly populated country is for now a largely untapped potential market for e-cigarettes, despite most of the world’s vaping hardware being manufactured there. The prevalence of smoking among men, the cheapness of traditional cigarettes supplied by a state monopoly industry, and the lack of desire in most smokers to give up all contribute to resistance to switching to electronic devices.

Sharp increase in Canadian vaper numbers and sales

27th June 2016 | Market reports |

In this report we look at Canada, a market-oriented, high-tech industrial society in the trillion-dollar class with high living standards. There are no federal laws related to e-cigarettes – despite calls to clarify a confused situation – so they are being regulated on provincial and municipal levels.

Malaysia prospects not bright with bans on horizon: report

25th March 2016 | Market reports |

This report gives an overview of the Malaysian e-cigarette market, which is currently under huge pressure from government regulations. Various data collection methods were used, including online research, phone and face-to-face interviews to estimate the number of e-cig users, market size, distribution channel splits, form factors and price ranges for different product categories. More qualitative analysis was also conducted on Malaysia’s most popular online and offline brands.

The Mexican e-cig market: big potential but no large brands

24th February 2016 | Market reports |

  There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for Mexico or the advanced search page.       Executive summary   The Mexican market is small, but with good growth potential. Retailing e-cigs requires a medical licence despite a recent court decision. Current vaping population is estimated at around 150,000 in […]

In depth: Russian e-cigarette market & regulation, Feb. 2015

6th February 2015 | Market reports |

Market analysis • Market size • Consumption patterns • Number of e-cig users in Russia • Pricing and exchange rates • Sales, distribution and brands • Regulatory analysis • Introduction • Russian regulatory landscape • Current e-cig regulation • Tobacco regulation • The future of e-cig regulation in Russia

In depth: South African e-cig market & regulation, Jan. 2015

27th January 2015 | Market reports |

Market analysis • Market context • Market size • Consumption patterns • Pricing and spend • Sales, distribution and marketing • Raw materials and manufacturing • Regulatory analysis • Regulatory overview • National regulation • Provincial regulation • Local regulation • Non-governmental regulation • Regulatory trends • Appendix 1: national law • Appendix 2: lawsuit – D Beelders vs Smokestik SA CC, and complaint against Twisp • Further information

In depth: e-cig market and law in Australia and New Zealand

18th December 2014 | Market reports |

Market analysis • Market size • Consumption patterns • Pricing and spend • Sales, distribution and marketing • Brands • Regulatory analysis • Australia: national regulation • Australia: the Therapeutic Goods Administration • Australia: personal imports • Australia: state and territory regulation • Australia: taxation • Australia: the future of e-cig regulation • New Zealand: national regulation • New Zealand: medical regulation • New Zealand: regulatory forecast • Appendix 1: importation into Australia • Appendix 2: New Zealand Medicines Act 1981