E-cigarettes in South Africa

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Introduction to the e-cigarette market in South Africa

South Africa is the largest steadily-growing e-cigarette market in Africa. The nicotine-containing e-cig market in South Africa is regulated through the South African Medicine Control Council.

According to the law, retailers do not have the right to sell electronic cigarettes without a permit. Additionally, e-cigarettes containing nicotine are not authorised to be sold outside pharmacies and can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription.

A bill is currently with parliament that aims to legalise e-cigarettes with nicotine. E-cigs without nicotine are currently unregulated and are therefore unrestricted.

Illegal tobacco counts for almost 50% of the total South African tobacco market, which makes the country one of the top worldwide for the counterfeit cigarette trade. With this in mind, despite the tough regulation, electronic cigarettes are available all over the country.

The diversity of electronic devices has increased through the years.