Greek financial crisis seen as likely to lead to e-cig tax

Greece - Neal Fowler

The Greek financial crisis is likely to lead to a new tax for the e-cigarette industry.

The rapidly-growing sector will be targeted to provide desperately-needed revenue for the Greek government, according to a recent report from ECigIntelligence.

However, the new report also concludes that the Greek market will continue to develop, in part due to the country’s high smoking prevalence, although the regulatory picture is mixed.

A law prohibiting e-cigarette sales has been repealed, but Greece still needs to implement the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and this will lead to new restrictions – beyond those stipulated in the TPD – in areas such as purchase age and marketing, the report says.

The report is part of a series from ECigIntelligence looking at TPD implementation across the EU.

Meanwhile, ECigIntelligence is also examining the fast-changing status of regulation in individual American states as they rush to fill the gap left by the continuing absence of federal law, as well as continuing to cover regulatory and market developments around the world.

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