In Poland, many fickle vapers seek their bargains at auction

Poland mist 300x180 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of PolandLow brand loyalty, low tobacco prices and the popularity of online auctions are among the factors keeping down the value of the Polish e-cigarette sector, but it remains one of Europe’s larger markets.

New research from ECigIntelligence suggests that between 500,000 and 1m Poles are e-cigarette consumers, with the domestic market worth about €100m-150m ($133m-200m) annually. Exports, including those from Chinese manufacturers which have set up plants in Poland, add to that.

Prices of e-cigarettes in Poland are lower than in many major markets, in part because of limited brand loyalty, cheap tobacco cigarettes, and the popularity of eBay-style Internet auctions – used by as many as 30% of Polish vapers.

The market is dominated by refillable tanks and e-liquid, accounting for 80-90% of sales, although adoption of cigalikes is increasing.

What This Means: Despite its population of nearly 40m, Poland is likely to remain a relatively low-value e-cig market compared with western European counterparts because of generally cheaper prices and limited purchasing power. But our analysis suggests that it is still one with room for growth; and with few users committed to a particular brand, there is plenty of scope for newcomers to the market.

– Barnaby Page ECigIntelligence staff

photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

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