Italy: the e-cigarette market, May 2022

The Italian market has historically operated under a highly unstable regulatory regime. In recent years, this has been exemplified with constant changes to e-liquid taxes – in 2022, a tax increase on e-liquids came into effect on 1st January, but by 1st April it had been reduced back to 2021 levels.

In spite of these regulatory changes and other tobacco alternatives also gaining high levels of popularity, Italy remains one of the leading vape markets in Europe. This report analyses the current state of the Italian vaping market, how it differs from other leading European markets, and how it has changed over the past year

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction and regulatory framework
  3. Market size and vaping population: set to surpass the 2019 benchmark
  4. Retail channels: vape stores and online usage remains steady
  5. Closed systems: Veev enters the closed pod market
  6. Open systems: basic kits
  7. E-liquids: longfills popular as prices of ready to use e-liquids increase

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