Local decision-making drives regulation in Illinois

Cloud-gate - Bert Kaufmann 300x180The impetus for e-cigarette regulation in Illinois comes largely from the local level, according to a report on the treatment of e-cigs in the state.

ECigIntelligence has recently published its Illinois regulatory report as a standalone product which can be bought and accessed without a subscription.

The report highlights the growing complexity of e-cigarette law in Illinois, and forms part of a larger series examining the development of regulation in different states.

In Illinois, it finds that the state government has largely taken a hands-off approach to legislation – leaving local governments to decide how to regulate the products. The state government reserves the right to decide a few sensitive issues around marketing for itself, but has placed most responsibility for e-cigarettes on municipalities.

The state government has faced two proposals to ban the sale and distribution of e-cigs, in 2008 and again in 2010, but both were rejected – potentially contributing to its hands-off approach.

An absence of state-level regulation does not mean that the products are unregulated, however – indeed, it can mean a more complex and confusing landscape to negotiate.

With local regulation on the rise Illinois remains an important state to keep track of, particularly because it includes the greater Chicago area.

And with continuing developments in regulation of public vaping and the marketing and display of e-cigarettes, the ECigIntelligence report is an essential read for any business potentially interested in Illinois and the U.S. Midwestern market.

What This Means: The ECigIntelligence report on Illinois is part of a growing series that examines the regulatory environment in U.S. states, countries of the EU and other nations.

Some reports can be bought individually, and subscription packages are available allowing access to all of them. To learn more about ECigIntelligence subscriptions click here, or click here to see which other reports are available for individual sale.

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