Market report: Indonesia – open pods disrupting market dynamics

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest smoking rates, not only in Asia, but globally. The Indonesian e-cig market is expected to keep growing, although less than projected due to COVID-19 and the 2018 tax rise on nicotine-containing e-liquid. This report offers a detailed overview of the current market in Indonesia, covering everything from market size and import/export to distribution channels, hardware and e-liquid.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary
  2. Background
    1. Chart: Smoking prevalence evolution in selected Asian countries
    2. Chart: Smoking prevalence evolution in Indonesia – gender comparison
    3. Chart: Key insights into e-cigarette use
  3. Imports and exports historic evolution
    1. Chart: Imports and exports – electronic cigarettes
    2. Chart: Google trends – electronic cigarette search term popularity
  4. Market size
    1. Chart: Market size and vaping population
  5. The offline channel
    1. Chart: Retail channel split
  6. The online channel
    1. Chart: Online channel – specialist retailers and marketplaces
  7. Hardware
    1. Chart: Form factor split
    2. Chart: pricing comparison
    3. Chart: Form factor analysis – online channel
    4. Chart: Brand popularity analysis – offline and online
  8. E-liquid
    1. Chart: Freebase – offline and online
    2. Chart: Nicotine salt – offline and online
    3. Chart: Freebase and nicotine salt – online pricing comparison
  9. Key takeaways

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