New data reveals the rise and rise of box mods

The popularity of box mod e-cigarettes among U.S. vapers has risen sharply over the past year, in part because of innovative tank designs, new research suggests.

Data collected by the E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) and analysed by ECigIntelligence shows that nearly 70% of respondents to an ECF survey are now using box mods, compared with around a third in 2014.

Improved innovation in sub-ohm tanks has been a catalyst for this growth, the ECigIntelligence analysis concludes, citing areas such as airflow design and e-liquid volume capacity. Mod-style users are the biggest consumers of sub-ohm tanks.

A full report on the findings of the survey, now available to buy from ECigIntelligence, also discusses other characteristics of U.S. vapers. It is not available as part of our existing packages to our subscribers due to the project being carried out as a joint venture with ECF,

Those who do not smoke – solus users – are more likely to use advanced vapour devices such as box mods, resulting in a higher average daily e-liquid consumption but also leading these consumers to buy lower nicotine strengths.

Other topics covered in depth by the report include an apparently dramatic decline in cigalike consumption; regional patterns in flavour preferences; and a shift in the e-liquid market from bricks-and-mortar retail to online.

The full 30 page report, accompanied by data analysis in an Excel spreadsheet containing detailed summaries of the survey data on more than 50 topics, is available for purchase through ECigIntelligence.

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