New tax rate due in 2020: Poland regulatory report

A new tax regime in Poland has been delayed until 2020, while the notification process has been tightened up but some areas of reguation still appear open to interpretation ...
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Table of contents

1 Executive summary
2 Regulatory landscape (update)
3 National regulatory framework (update)
4 Age restrictions
5 Product restrictions (update)
6 Ingredients (update)
7 Hardware (update)
8 Labelling and packaging (update)
9 Multipacks (update)
10 Shake and vape
11 Health warning (update)
12 Notification procedure (update)
13 Common notifications (update)
14 Declaration details (update)
15 Notification fee (update)
16 Re-notification (update)
17 Importers (update)
18 System to collect data on adverse health effects
19 CLP notification
20 Retail restrictions
21 Public usage
22 Advertising restrictions (update)
23 Taxation (update)
24 Impact on the industry (update)
25 Case law
26 Sanctions
27 Enforcement
28 Inspection outcomes
29 Reporting non-compliance
30 Relevant laws (update)
31 Relevant bodies
32 Polish e-cig regulation

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