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New TPD guide provides detailed state-by-state regulatory guidance

A new book published by ECigIntelligence explains the full complexity of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and its impact on the European Union’s (EU) 28 member states. Full implementation of the EU TPD will open new European countries to e-cig products – regulating a $2.15bn sized market, the second-largest in the world.

ECigIntelligence TPD logo - full coverage 900x540New potentially important markets such as Belgium, Hungary and the Scandinavian countries are now open to e-cig companies following implementation of the TPD.

In order to understand the full developments of this market and how TPD regulations will affect individual countries including these new players in the market, ECigIntelligence has published a new guidebook to regulatory implementation.

The book takes a country-by country look at how TPD directives have been implemented thus far (if indeed they have been implemented at all)  in the various member states. Due to the directive nature of the TPD, implementation is down to each country to transpose individually.

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    European countries had to implement their own rules mirroring the content of the TPD while adapting it to their own reality, and deciding which of the options given by the TPD to choose (for example, which health warning). For this reason, the TPD has not entirely created a homogeneous legal framework for Europe; rather, it homogeneously regulates some areas, gives options in others, and leaves some aspects unregulated creating a “patchwork quilt” of regulation across the EU for the sector.

    ECigIntelligence’s new guidebook provides an essential guide to understanding this complex situation and its continual rapid evolution.

    Contents deal with how individual countries are implementing all aspects of policy which could impact on the e-cig and vapour product sector. It also examines how this new regulation is likely to change the e-cigarette market in the future. For example, looking at how enforcement and interpretation of the new framework is expected to be different in each country.

    What this means: The new report is now available as a PDF on the website for Platinum subscribers, who will also receive a printed copy, useful as a reference guide. Non-subscribers can also purchase a PDF of the guidebook and a paper copy.  Visit ECigIntelligence.com for further details.


    Freddie Dawson

    Managing editor, news
    Freddie studied at King’s College, London and City University and worked for publications including The Times, The Malay Mail, PathfinderBuzz and Solar Summary before joining the ECigIntelligence team. He has extensive experience in covering fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), manufacturing and technological innovation.

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