A complex legal environment: Spain regulatory report


  • Executive summary
  • Regulatory landscape (update)
  • National regulatory framework (update)
  • Age restrictions
  • Product restrictions (update)
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Obligation to notify (update)
  • Retail channels restriction
  • Public usage (update)
  • Advertising and marketing (update)
  • Taxation
  • Enforcement
  • Case law
  • Relevant laws
  • Relevant bodies
  • How Spanish e-cigarette regulation evolved


Nicotine-containing e-cigs are now fully regulated in Spain – though nicotine-free e-cigs are not yet covered. It is a country with a complex and layered legal environment, which you can learn about in our ECigIntelligence Spain regulatory report.

Number of pages: 18

Photo: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos