Premium reports Canada, Quebec, Ontario market reports package

Canada, Quebec, Ontario market reports package


Canada market report: regulations fuel growth

In this report we assess the impact of Canada’s Tobacco and Vaping Products Act on the vape market. We estimate the vaping population and the current market worth, as well as our expectations for the future. The main distribution channels and prices for vapour products is analysed both offline by regions, and online – including social media presence. Furthermore, we include details of the consumer preferences for particular brands, hardware and mods.

Published: 15th March 2019; Number of pages: 14


Quebec market report: vype is the most popular convenience store brand

ECigIntelligence conducted 429 telephone interviews with convenience stores in Quebec. Our survey included six questions about whether convenience stores sold vaping products, their most popular brands, their average number of customers per day, how many customers bought vaping products and their opinion about future product sales. Gain a thorough understanding of consumer preferences with this clear-cut analytical report.

Published: 21st June 2019; Number of pages: 9


Ontario market report: chain stores proving main outlet

In 2017, Ontario had more than 9069 convenience stores, but due to increased competition, heavy taxation and a large decline in the smoking population, the total number of convenience stores has dropped. To understand further, ECigIntelligence conducted telephone interviews with 230 convenience stores in the province, both independent and chain convenience stores. We found that chain stores are providing a larger variety of vape brands than independent stores, and we analyse the geographical distribution, brands and categories as well as customers and sales.

Published: 29th July 2019; Number of pages: 11

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