Chicago, Cook County and Illinois regulatory report



  • Executive summary
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Regulatory framework
  • Age restrictions
  • Labelling and packaging
  • Licensing and notification
  • Retail channel restrictions
  • Public usage
  • Advertising
  • Taxation
  • Relevant laws
  • Relevant bodies


This report looks at existing and proposed laws for vapour products in the US state of Illinois, which covers Cook County and the City of Chicago.

The City of Chicago and Cook County have both raised the minimum age for purchasing tobacco to 21, while the state legislative authority is also proposing to increase the minimum age.

We look at the likely impact of proposed flavour bans on vapour products. Plus, how Chicago consumers will have to bear both city and county taxes imposed on vapour products, which significantly raises the cost of each product.


Number of pages: 15

Photo: Kevin Dooley