Premium reports China regulatory report: new national standard coming soon

China regulatory report: new national standard coming soon


Despite being the world’s major e-cigarette manufacturer, China still does not have any laws regulating e-cigarette specifications, quality or safety assessment. In this report we cover the country’s regulatory landscape for e-cigs and e-liquids, plus voluntary association standards and local standards – including the special adminastrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.

It remains uncertain how the current industry standards will impact upon the forthcoming national standards. Possible scenarios and the potential impact of tobacco-style regulation on e-cigarettes are explored throughout this report.



Number of pages: 15

Photo: Thomas Depenbusch



  • Introduction
  • Regulatory landscape
  • National regulatory framework
  • Age restriction
  • Labelling and packaging restrictions
  • Obligation to notify and register
  • Retail channel restrictions
  • Public usage
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Taxation
  • Relevant laws
  • Relevant bodies