E-Cigarettes in Europe: Regulatory and Market Impacts of the EU Tobacco Products Directive – Spring 2014

E-Cigarettes in Europe: Regulatory and Market Impacts of the EU Tobacco Products Directive – Spring 2014




The first comprehensive report on E-Cigarettes in the EU – available now

Independent analysis from ECigIntelligence forecasts major market changes following the Tobacco Products Directive

ECigIntelligence’s Spring 2014 European E-Cigarettes Report is the most complete analysis of the European electronic cigarette market and regulatory landscape yet published.

With more than 80 pages and over 20,000 words of detailed legal and economic analysis of the European e-cigarette market, it provides exclusive, independent, informed insight into the current state of this fast-moving market, and the major changes that lie ahead following the approval of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive.

This is a wholly independent report, not written to a sponsor’s agenda. Legal professionals, business and economic analysts, and specialist journalists from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States have collaborated to provide up-to-the minute insight into:

  • The market today.
  • The requirements and impact of the Tobacco Products Directive.
  • Near-term and long-term market trends.

Among their key findings are:

  • The European e-cigarette market may be significantly larger than believed.
  • But industry upheaval lies ahead.
  • Two sections of the Tobacco Products Directive, in particular, will have a major effect on market structure and competitive advantage.

Contents of the report include:

  • European market size data.
  • Section-by-section analysis of the Tobacco Products Directive as it applies to e-cigarettes.
  • In-depth examination of key issues in e-cigarette regulation.
  • Detailed legal briefs on present and future e-cigarette regulation in five major European markets.
  • Essential information on the pharmaceutical licensing alternative.

With an introductory price of £895, this report is offered to mark the launch of ECigIntelligence.com, the first independent news, analysis, information and data resource for all stakeholders in the e-cigarette sector.

As an independent research and news organisation with no connections to the e-cigarette, tobacco or pharmaceutical industries, ECigIntelligence provides balanced and objective analysis of the sector globally.

Please contact us to find out more, see a copy of the Executive Summary, or discuss how we can help you understand the e-cigarette sector worldwide.

ECigIntelligence does not provide legal, strategic or investment advice. Tamarind Media Limited, the publisher of ECigIntelligence, does not accept any liability or responsibility for information or views published.
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