Premium reports European industry standards: where we are

European industry standards: where we are


In Europe, standards are a key element of the Single European Market as they facilitate trade by providing businesses and other organisations with a common understanding, codifying best practice in a specific area. European legislation applicable to e-cigarette products such as the GPSD and the TPD – even though they create the basis for product quality and safety, imposing a minimum of restrictions that apply throughout the European Union – do not develop rules to the level of detail necessary for there to be a genuinely harmonised framework and a high level of consumer protection. With this comprehensive overview of the European legal framework for e-cigarettes, you can gain insight into ISO, CORESTA and CEN standardisation, better understand major standardisation issues, including ingredient requirements, labellind, battery safety, emissions testing and what the near future looks like for e-cigarette regulations.


Published: 15th July 2019; Number of pages: 14

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  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Summary of published standards and other standards processes applicable in the EU
  • European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
  • Technical committee CEN/TC 437
  • CEN e-cig working groups
  • Outstanding issues
  • Related standardisation entities
  • Outside the EU