FDA Deeming Regulations: the process to implementation, June 2014




A new report from ECigIntelligence provides a succinct summation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s process for moving from its proposed deeming regulations to a set of final, approved rules regarding e-cigarettes in the USA.

The report includes an  overview of the process that lays out the various steps and requirements in a simple and understandable format.

It also includes a summation of the various information requests the FDA has asked for as part of its public consultation on e-cigarettes.

The report is a must for anyone planning to be involved in the American e-cigarette sector over the next few years.

Contents include:

  • FDA’s 9-step regulatory process
  • Public comment
  • Information requests on e-cigarettes
  • FDA Case studies
  • Impact of public consultation submissions
  • Summary: extension of public consultation

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