FREE EXCERPT: from ECigIntelligence’s Oct 2014 U.K. Market and Regulatory Report (new UK report now out)


This is a free excerpt from ECigIntelligence’s in-depth look at e-cigarette regulation and market data in the United Kingdom. The excerpt is designed to provide a small sample selection of the content available in the full report. The full report is also available for purchase on the ECigIntelligence website.


Excerpt contents include pages on:

Executive summary

E-cigarette usage figures

Average pricing

Brands and channels

Brand ownership and M&A activity

Advertising regulations

EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) implementation

Potential impact of Totally Wicked TPD challenge

Potential costs of complying with British Standards Institute (BSI) guidance for best-practice in the industry


To see the contents of the full report click here.


Photo: Dan Brady

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