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ECigIntelligence Heated Tobacco Guide

Market and regulatory data

Access impartial, reliable and accurate market and regulatory intelligence for the heated tobacco sector with this comprehensive ECigIntelligence heated tobacco guide. Uncover the relevant data to strategically identify key market trends, consumer behaviours, key players and prospective clients; assess the effects of regulatory implementation on the market in real time; and measure and minimise business risks.

Within this comprehensive heated tobacco guide, comprising 12 in-depth reports and two databases, you will find a global overview of the dynamic and fast-growing heated tobacco market. All content was fully researched by our experienced in-house team of lawyers and economists, who have provided analysis for more than 40 heated tobacco markets worldwide, including the 28 EU member states.

Covering key data including tax requirements, trading requirements, current regulations, developments and proposals, brand and product profiles, market sizing and consumer surveys, this all-in-one resource provides you with actionable insights for all countries where heated tobacco has been launched, including detailed reports on market frontrunners Japan, South Korea and Russia.

The ECigIntelligence heated tobacco guide is an essential tool to identify opportunities, and to anticipate and navigate the market and regulatory landscape with confidence.

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These reports provide:

  • Brands market share and heated tobacco market share and size
  • Understanding how the regulatory landscape of heated tobacco operates in Europe
  • Detailed information on heated tobacco taxation in European countries
  • Comprehensive information about the heated tobacco advertising restrictions in Europe
  • Consumer insights, brand profiles and market trends of the leading heated tobacco markets
  • A compilation of the current regulation for different policy areas including Russia, Japan, China and South Korea
  • Links to regulations and proposals from external sources
  • *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
    *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
  • *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
    *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
  • *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
    *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
  • *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.
    *This is a sample representation of the file layout and does not reflect the research included in this bundle.


ECigIntelligence Heated Tobacco Market Database 2019

Essential worldwide market data for over 40 countries. In this comprehensive Excel file find data on leading industry players, market sizes and shares, incident rates, top brands, popular flavour profiles, pricing of kits and consumables and availability of products. Original publication - 08/07/2019

ECigIntelligence EU tax database

Key tax data for the 28 EU member states including exchange rates, tax notifications, tax regulations, average tax rates, tax definitions and specifications, net excise tax, tax per gram, comparison between heated tobacco tax and taxes for cigarettes, fine-cut tobacco, and e-cigarettes. Available as a consolidated and user-friendly Excel file, enabling you to dissect the data for your needs. Original publication - 06/05/2019

ECigIntelligence Japan Market report: More heated tobacco users than e-cig users

We have seen a steady decline of the vape market in Japan through 2017-2019, due to a decrease in prices and a lack of growth in the vaping population. A larger share of sales are going through the online channel, where prices are lower than in physical stores. Regulatory restrictions on nicotine-containing e-liquids have significant effects on the Japanese vape market, with an undeveloped offline channel and a certain share of the market going to online stores outside Japan. Original publication - 24/04/2019

ECigIntelligence Italy Market report: Two brands battle for shelf space

There are currently two heated tobacco brands from big tobacco companies in Italy: IQOS and Glo, with IQOS clearly taking up a bigger share of the market. The heated tobacco market has been gradually growing in Italy. Several factors point to further growth of the category in the country, such as recent tax relief resulting in a price decrease on Heets; increasing consumer awareness of heated tobacco products; growing search term popularity; recent upgrade of heated tobacco hardware. Original publication - 06/06/2019

ECigIntelligence Japan Market report: Heated tobacco usage in Japan a consumer survey

Analysis was based on 100 validated responses from current heated tobacco users aged 21+. The survey was distributed on heated tobacco and electronic cigarette forums and online groups. Data on respondents’ age, gender, duration of vaping and geographical split can be found in this report. In this report we cover distribution channels, consumer spending, preferences and opinions. IQOS continues to be the leading brand in terms of market share however our research shows that consumers are being drawn to other brands for various reasons. Original publication - 03/06/2018

ECigIntelligence South Korea Market report: Heated tobacco usage in South Korea a consumer survey

Gain insights into the heated tobacco demographic and user preferences including consumption patterns, frequency of use, comparison with e-cigarettes, brand choice and reasons, purchase channels and user satisfaction. Original publication - 06/06/2018

ECigIntelligence South Korea Market report: Three heated tobacco brands dominate

South Korea has one of the world’s leading heated tobacco markets since the introduction of IQOS by Philip Morris International (PMI) in 2017. Within this report you can find details of the leading heated tobacco brands in South Korea, market size and forecast, incidence rates, comparison with other tobacco products and how this is affected by legal regulations. Original publication - 20/08/2019

ECigIntelligence EU Regulatory report: Heated tobacco and advertising

This report focusses on marketing strategies used by tobacco companies to increase sales, advertising, sponsorship, promotion and sales strategies. The most important differences between the treatment of heated tobacco products and others such as e-cigarettes and combustibles arise in some policy areas that are not fully encompassed by EU directives: taxation, retail channels and advertising. Original publication - 14/08/2017

ECigIntelligence EU Regulatory report: Heated tobacco taxation, classification, rates and structures

This report examines tax laws in EU countries where heated tobacco products have been launched or specific laws introduced; it also considers what would happen in countries where no tax structures are in place and no heat-not-burn (HnB) product launched. Hypothetical estimates have been made for countries where no product has been launched, assuming the country imposed the same rate of tax as for “other smoking tobacco”, as most EU countries have done. As we concluded in our previous update, heated tobacco products in Europe generally benefit from a more benign tax regime than vapour products (where a tax has been imposed) and traditional cigarettes. Some countries have designed a tax structure specifically for heated tobacco products but have not imposed a specific tax rate (i.e. they refer to the tax applied to “other smoking tobaccos”), while others have established both a structure and a rate. Others still have applied general excise rates. Original publication - 26/04/2019

ECigIntelligence Europe Regulatory report: Heated tobacco in Europe emerging regulations

There is a resurgence of interest in HnB following the launch of iQOS by Philip Morris International (PMI), and in anticipation of planned launches by other tobacco companies. HnB is generally considered by most stakeholders in the EU as a novel smokeless tobacco product. In many respects it is therefore treated the same way as smoking products, but there is divergence on labelling provisions. Taxes have been applied to HnB in a number of European countries. Original publication - 26/10/2016

ECigIntelligence Japan Regulatory report: Heated tobacco regulatory overview

Comparison of the heated tobacco and e-cigarette legislation in Japan as the heated tobacco market continues to grow since its introduction in 2014 and e-cigarette regulation tightens. Original publication - 08/10/2018

ECigIntelligence Russia Regulatory report: Heated tobacco laws on the horizon

Understanding the possible marketing advantage of heated tobacco due to the light regulation. However, a tax is applied to tobacco products at a rate that is gradually rising until 2020. Original publication - 30/07/2019

ECigIntelligence South Korea Regulatory report: Heated tobacco report

In an economy that has been growing rapidly since 1960, the GDP per capita is around $39,400. Compare regulation of a leading heated tobacco market against regulation of nicotine-containing vapour products and the several taxes that apply to these products. We analyse the potential future for this market, in a country where there is a 40% male tobacco usage rate. Original publication - 26/06/2018

ECigIntelligence China Regulatory report: Monopoly rule

The Tobacco Monopoly rule in China governs the sale of tobacco including heated tobacco, yet no retailer has been authorised to sell heated tobacco products. Many questions remain as to the restrictions on tobacco products and this report details our interpretation and predictions of heated tobacco regulations in China. Original publication - 12/08/2019

ECigIntelligence Heated Tobacco Guide

Price : $3,995.00