Implementing the TPD: how far to the finish line? December 2015



Executive summary • Introduction • Overview of TPD implementation in EU member states • Marketing and advertising • Transitional provisions • Product restrictions • Public place usage (not covered by TPD) • Taxation (not covered by TPD) • Age restrictions (not covered by TPD)



This new report from ECigIntelligence outlines progress to date by European countries in implementing the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Three countries have passed proposals meeting most requirements into law but the remainder are still in the process, with many not even having begun.

Considering the fast looming May deadline for implementation, the information in this report is essential to any e-cigarette stakeholder involved in Europe. Further information is provided on potential scenarios for countries that do not meet the deadline – a very real possibility for some. There is also a guide to provisions proposed by countries that go above and beyond the requirements set forth in the TPD.

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