U.S. online e-cigarette market analysis, August 2015


This in-depth report from ECigIntelligence analyses and quantifies trends across e-commerce and social media, ranks the comparative performance of U.S. e-cig brands, and provides insight on consumer behaviour. A quantitative diagnosis of the online marketplace exposes competitor pricing across all major product categories in 2015.

The report comes with supporting data included as an Excel spreadsheet. To discuss more information on the report or the data please contact us.

Photo: Brewbooks



Online leaders and digital trends:

Infographic: what drives traffic to e-cig websites? • Methodology • The top sites • Traffic share and unique visitors • Segmentation of leading online vendors • Dwell times • Drivers of traffic • Direct visits • Referrals • Organic search • Social media

Pricing data and analysis:

Infographic II: online pricing trends in the United States • Introduction • Rechargeable cigalike starter kit prices • Cartomiser/cartridge prices • E-liquid prices • eGo-style starter kit prices • Box mod prices


Excel spreadsheet contents:

  • Segmentation of top 50 online brands
  • Analysis of traffic share by unique visits & U.S. country rank
  • Consumer engagement trends across e-cig sites
  • Analysis of web traffic distribution
  • 2015/2014 product pricing
  • Price distribution and year-on-year change
  • Comparison of pricing data across leading e-cigarette sites
  • Analysis of price variation for advanced vapour products


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