Italy in-depth: preparing for the TPD December 2015



Executive summary • Regulatory landscape • National regulatory framework • Regulation: current • Regulation: near-future • Age restrictions • Product restrictions • Product restrictions: current • Product restrictions: near-future • Labelling and packaging • Labelling and packaging: current • Labelling and packaging: near-future • Obligation to notify • Obligation to notify: current • Obligation to notify: near-future • Retail sale channels restriction • Sale channels restriction: current • Sale channels restriction: near-future • Public usage • Public usage: current • Public usage: near-future • Advertising and marketing • Advertising and marketing: current • Advertising and marketing: near-future • Taxation • Enforcement



This report provides an update to ECigIntelligence’s ongoing series on Italian e-cigarette regulation. this is a time of significant upheaval and change for e-cig regulation in the country as it moves towards full implementation of the Eu Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and continues to debate the legality of its nicotine e-liquid tax.

This report will provide an in-depth look at the current situation and what can be expected to change in the near future in essential e-cig areas such as: age restrictions, packaging and labelling requirements, obligations to notify, retail restrictions, public use restrictions, advertising/marketing restrictions and of course the all important area of taxation.

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