Q&A on the FDA’s flavour ban announcement



  • The statement
  • Question 1: Can convenience stores sell ENDS?
  • Question 2: What does ‘flavour’ mean?
  • Question 3: What do other processes tell us?
  • Question 4: What are ‘heightened standards’ for selling e-cigarettes online?
  • Question 5: Are ENDS products marketed to kids?
  • Question 6: What is an in-person and age-restricted facility?
  • Question 7: Why are mint and menthol allowed?
  • Question 8: Is the FDA competent?
  • Question 9: When will all this happen?
  • Legal appendix


US FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a statement in November outlining the agency’s new policy to prevent youth accessing flavoured tobacco products – but what did it really mean, and what will it add up to in practice?

We cover the key questions and what you need to know about the US flavour ban.


Number of pages: 9

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