Regulatory report: Japan



1 Executive summary
2 Regulatory landscape
3 National regulatory framework
4 Age restrictions
5 Product restrictions
6 Retail channel restrictions
7 Public usage
8 Advertising and marketing
9 Taxation
10 Enforcement
11 Relevant laws
12 Relevant bodies


Nicotine-free e-cig products and devices are not tackled by tobacco-related legislation and are subject to general consumer safety regulation. Nicotine-containing e-cigarette products cannot be sold in Japan without a pharmaceutical licence, but limited imports are allowed for personal use. This report provides an overview of the current laws and restrictions around e-cigs in Japan, focusing on areas such as advertising, labelling and packaging, age and product restrictions, and taxation and enforcement.

This report doesn’t cover heated tobacco, please refer to our sister platform TobaccoIntelligence for alternative tobacco and nicotine product analysis.

Photo: Galen Crout