Regulatory report: New stricter regulation on the horizon in New Zealand



1 Executive summary
2 Regulatory landscape
3 National regulatory framework
4 Age restrictions
5 Product restrictions
6 Labelling and packaging
7 Obligation to notify
8 Retail channel restrictions
9 Public usage
10 Advertising and marketing
11 Taxation
12 Enforcement
13 Relevant law
14 Relevant bodies


Currently, there is little clarity around e-cigarette product restrictions as they remain fairly unregulated in the country. That said, the government has said that it now wants to establish specific laws and regulations around vaping, and an amendment bill was introduced to Parliament in February which will regulate vaping and smokeless tobacco products, amending the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990. This comprehensive report details the current restrictions as well as all possible regulations due to come into force in the near future.

No. of pages: 11

Photo: Ondřej Šponiar