Russian vapers’ choices and behaviour survey: market report



  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • E-cigarette usage frequency
    – E-cigarette usage depending on smoking status
    – Past and future usage
  • E-liquid purchase channels
  • Consumer stated spend
    – Spend on shake and vape versus ready-to-use
    – Spend on nicotine salt versus freebase
  • Type of e-liquid used
  • Most used nicotine content/bottle size/flavour
  • E-liquid consumption
  • Brands
  • Consumer attitudes to e-cigs and vaping
  • Methodology and demographics


This report is one of a series of studies which deal with e-cigarette users’ product choices and behaviour. It is specifically focused on e-liquid consumption and choices of Russian users. It is based on our online consumer survey, conducted in November 2018. This was conducted with the help of industry players, e-cigarette forums and online vaping groups. The results are based on a sample of a total of 477 responses.


This report includes detailed analysis of:

  • e-liquid comsumption patterns
  • the most favoured products
  • preferred brands
  • user demographics
  • consumer attitudes
  • the most used sales channels


Numbe of pages: 24

Photo: Ninara