South Korea market report: vaping population on the rise


  • Executive summary
  • Background
  • Smoking rates
  • Vaping population
  • Market size
  • Importing and exporting e-cigarettes
  • Retail channels
  • Physical vape stores
  • Online vape stores
  • Mainstream retail
  • Form factors
  • Most available brands
  • Pricing
  • Heated tobacco and e-cigarettes
  • Associations


South Korea is a country with relatively high smoking rates; however, tobacco sales have been declining due to government anti-smoking initiatives and rising health awareness, which is believed to have provoked interest in alternatives such as e-cigarettes. This is reflected in an increase in vaping population, e-cigarette imports and search term popularity. In 2016, the vaping industry experienced a dip, perhaps as a result of new government regulations and restrictions relating to zero-nicotine products, taxation of e-liquids, online sales and advertising. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the vape market in South Korea.

Published: 5th August 2019; Number of pages: 35

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