Southeast Asia regulatory report package




This detailed and analytical report package is an essential guide to your understanding of these two legislative grey areas.

Malaysia, in southeast Asia and with a population of around 32m, is one of the most restrictive countries with regards to e-cigarette legislation however, lack of enforcement allows a black market to flourish. In this report you can uncover the most recent legislations governing e-cigarette usage, registration, distribution, retail and bans, for both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free e-cigarettes, in a country that has a strong religious influence. The Ministry of Health has said it is working on developing a Tobacco Control Act that should regulate e-cigarettes and heated tobacco; the bill should be before parliament at the end of 2019.

Published: 20th June 2019; Number of pages: 7


The Republic of Indonesia, comprised of more than 17,000 islands with 261 million inhabitants and also with a large religious community, shares land borders with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. The WHO ranked Indonesia the third-largest smoking population in the world, though it is unclear in 2019 whether e-cigarettes are considered tobacco-related products or consumer products. In this report gain a deep insight into Indonesian regulation of e-cigarettes, taxes, consumer and tobacco products, product labelling, public usage and other pertinent restrictions. We further explore how this country, which has been ruled by coalition governments since the New Order regime fell just before the turn of the century, could possibility face legal threats towards the e-cigarette industry in the future.

Published: 11th June 2019; Number of pages: 9

Photo: Olga Ozik