The Netherlands: a case study on plain packaging for e-cigarettes



  • Introduction
  • The international background
  • The Dutch National Prevention Agreement
  • Plain packaging on vaping products: legal obstacles?
  • The EU process
  • Political and regulatory climate in tobacco control
  • The Dutch government’s position on e-cigs
  • Other legislative developments



In 2016, as the tobacco industry faced a wave of legislation to remove overt product branding, ECigIntelligence asked: Could e-cigarettes be the next battleground for plain packaging? Today, that possibility has moved closer, with legal moves being discussed at a high level in some nations, while one – Israel, a small country with influence beyond its size – has taken the crucial step.

In this special report, ECigIntelligence takes as a case study the situation in the Netherlands, where plain packaging is among a number of suggestions for the regulation of e-cigarettes that have been placed firmly on the political agenda.


Number of pages: 11

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