UK e-cigarette pricing through online and offline channels, September 2015


This report from ECigIntelligence gathers and analyses the latest data on pricing in the UK e-cigarette market from both online and offline channels. It provides invaluable information that, particularly in the case of online data, is extremely difficult to procure elsewhere and combines this with expert analysis to provide insights on the development of the UK market.

The report comes with supporting data included as an Excel spreadsheet. To discuss more information on the report or the data please contact us.

Photo: Cory Doctorow



• Online pricing
• Online pricing: cigalikes
• Online pricing: tanks
• Pricing trends
• Offline pricing: vape shops
• Offline pricing: mainstream retail
• Appendix: online retailers studied


Excel spreadsheet contains:
• Website rankings
• Cigalike starter kit pricing
• Cartomiser pricing
• Disposable cigalike pricing
• Tank start kit pricing
• Clearomiser pricing
• E-liquid pricing
• Further website information, details and classification


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