Premium reports Vape store survey: Russian industry is now less optimistic

Vape store survey: Russian industry is now less optimistic


This report provides an overview of the product categories, brands, revenue and current attitudes of vape store managers towards the state of the e-cigarette industry. It was based on our vape store survey conducted in November-December 2019. The results are based on a sample of around 80 responses, representing a sample of approximately 260 physical vape stores, or around 15% of the market of physical stores. It should be noted that the response rate differed depending on the question.

The survey was carried out with the support of the Russian Association of Entrepreneurs of Non-medical Inhalation Industry (SPINI), popular vaping blog Viva la Cloud, and also some vape store chains and manufacturers. No financial incentive was offered for the completion of the survey.



1 Executive summary
2 Introduction
3 Respondent profile
4 Inventory purchase channels
5 Revenue
6 E-liquids
7 Hardware
8 Pre-filled pod cartridges
9 Attitudes of vape store managers to industry
10 Methodology