Premium reports Vaping regulation in Canada

Vaping regulation in Canada


Canada’s Tobacco and Vaping Products Act became law in 2018, bringing nationwide regulation of e-cigarettes to the country for the first time. There are a number of upcoming changes to the regulatory framework for vape products in Canada, including those relating to tax and flavour. This report focuses solely on federal policy, provincial and territorial regulations are covered in detail in the provincial and territorial tracker.


Date: 16th August, 2021

No.pages: 16

Photo: James Thomas



1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Canada: the basics
4 National regulatory framework
5 Age restrictions
6 Product restrictions
7 Labelling and packaging
8 Obligation to notify
9 Retail channels restrictions
10 Public usage
11 Advertising and marketing
12 Taxation
13 Sanctions
14 Relevant laws
15 Relevant bodies