Premium reports Vaping regulation in Israel

Vaping regulation in Israel


Until the adoption of the Law on Prohibition of Advertising and Restriction of Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking Products at the end of 2018, e-cigarettes were not specifically covered in Israel by tobacco legislation or any other product-specific regulation. Now e-cigarettes are regulated as smoking products and are subject to the same regulation as combustible cigarettes.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory framework in place in Israel for e-cigarettes, covering all areas from advertising and public usage, to product restrictions, retail channel restrictions and advertising laws.

Date: 31st May 2021

No. pages: 16

Photo: Denis Doukhan



1 Executive summary
2 Outlook
3 Israel: the basics
4 National regulatory framework
5 Age restrictions
6 Product restrictions
7 Labelling and packaging
8 Obligation to notify
9 Retail channels
10 Public usage
11 Advertising and marketing
12 Taxation
13 Sanctions
14 Relevant laws
15 Relevant bodies