Vapor regulation in the U.S. 2016 outlook December 2015


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has still not published its regulations for e-cigarettes. But in the meantime, multiple states have moved to individually implement their own laws. Currently 43 state legislatures have introduced e-cigarette-related proposals, with laws being successfully passed in 25 states.

This report – free to ECigIntelligence subscribers at the silver level or higher – provides a state-by-state break-down of the U.S. regulatory situation plus an in-depth examination of the current federal situation and a look ahead at what can be expected from the FDA in the future.

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Executive summary

Chapter 1 Policy in context
Timeline: the U.S. vapor industry and its regulation
ENDS – the key policy issues

Chapter 2 Federal regulation
Implementation of the FDA deeming regulations
The federal rulemaking process
Federal pre-emption of state law
FDA enforcement against the ENDS industry
Problems and solutions

Chapter 3 State regulation – the key issues
State regulation across the U.S.
Taxation laws

Chapter 4 State regulation – extending policy
Regulation through zoning
Online sales
Enforcement by attorneys general
Marijuana and the vaping industry

Chapter 5 State regulation – the detailed picture
Individual state maps – overview

Chapter 6 Conclusions
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