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13th July 2022 - North America, United States |

US - federal: The American Vapor Manufacturers Association has formally asked the inspector general of the US Department of Health and Human Services to investigate “unethical political interference between Congress and FDA”. Specifically it queries whether the commissioner was aware that the FDA’s Juul decision was based on incomplete information; calls for all correspondence between the commissioner and members of Congress (including senator Dick Durbin and representative Raja Krishnamoorthi) to be made public; and also for other communications between the commissioner and a Wall Street Journal reporter, between him and his immediate predecessor, and between any FDA officials and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Parents Against Vaping to be made public.

13th July 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: The National Committee for Smoking Prevention (CNPT) has published a statement expressing concern about the widely reported decision of the Ministry of Health to stop work on an amendment of the Tobacco Act. The CNPT, which is the leading anti-tobacco organisation in Spain and is associated with medical and health organisations, is urging the ministry to confirm whether or not it will indeed abandon its legislative plans. It also insists on the need to approve laws that reduce nicotine and tobacco consumption and asks the ministry about the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention and Control of Smoking 2021-2025, which was meant to have been approved already. Both the Tobacco Act amendment and the prevention and control plan were intended to impose further restrictions on both tobacco and vaping products.

13th July 2022 - Mexico, North America |

Mexico: The Federal Commission for Protection Against Public Health Risks (Cofepris) has closed down more than 179 shops and vending machines and seized almost 65,000 e-cigarettes since January 2021, press reports. The Cofepris action comes after e-cig sales were banned by the government, an order that has been contested in court multiple times.

13th July 2022 - South America, Uruguay |

Uruguay: The Ministry of Education and Culture has approved the setting-up of the Association of Vapers of Uruguay (Asovape), which seeks to reduce smoking and regulate the consumption of e-cigarettes, press reports. The ministry said the association would “promote through education...the ways of reducing the harm associated with smoking”. The sale of e-cigarettes has been banned in Uruguay since 2009.

12th July 2022 - Europe, Spain |

Spain: The Ministry of Health has decided not to continue with its planned amendment to the Tobacco Act, press reports. The government has decided there is not enough time before its term ends at the end of 2023 to undertake the reform, which would have banned smoking on open-air terraces, in cars with children or pregnant women present, and in open-air stadiums. It would also have established neutral packaging and further restricted the advertising of tobacco and vaping products. The amendment was framed within the Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention and Control of Smoking 2021-2025, which was meant to be approved by June 2022 and now presumably will not be approved.

12th July 2022 - North America, United States |

US - federal: Tomorrow, 13th July, is the last day synthetic nicotine products can be marketed in the US without a premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) having been submitted by 14th May. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will maintain enforcement discretion, it will be illegal after tomorrow to distribute such products without a PMTA.

12th July 2022 - Asia, Philippines |

Philippines: The Presidential Office has confirmed to ECigIntelligence that it received the Vaporized Nicotine Products Regulation Bill, which will further regulate vaping products, on 24th June, six days before president Bongbong Marcos took office. If the president does not act on a bill submitted by Congress, it lapses into law after 30 days of receipt.

12th July 2022 - Europe, Hungary |

Hungary: The Supervisory Authority for Regulatory Activities (SZFTH) has provided ECigIntelligence with figures showing that sales of e-liquids grew steadily in 2017, 2018 and 2019 but began to fall with the introduction of a flavour ban in May 2020. Sales slid from 16,000 l in 2019 to 12,400 l in 2020, 9,500 l in 2021 and 4,200 liters in the five-month period from 1st January to 31st May 2022.

12th July 2022 - Asia, Kazakhstan |

Kazakhstan: President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has signed a bill to introduce changes to the Tax Code, media reports. The tax rate for nicotine e-liquids will rise to KZT53 ($0.11) per ml on1st January 2023 and to KZT55 ($0.12) on 1st January 2024.

11th July 2022 - Asia, Saudi Arabia |

Saudi Arabia: The National Committee for Tobacco Control has tweeted that the Islamic pilgrimage season, the Hajj, is an opportunity to quit smoking, and stressed that under the Anti-Smoking Law Royal Decree No. (M/56)/2015 it is prohibited to consume any tobacco product in religious areas, including squares and places surrounding mosques. Saudi Arabia’s anti-smoking regulations also apply to e-cigarettes.

11th July 2022 - Europe, France |

France: Senator Françoise Férat of the Centrist Union Group has submitted a parliamentary question to the minister for ecological transition asking whether he is considering banning disposable e-cigarettes. Férat said disposables encouraged consumption and increased the volume of waste, amounting to an “ecological disaster”.

8th July 2022 - Europe, Iceland |
Iceland: On 1st July the Ministry of Health made its legislative plans to amend the Tobacco Control Act following the incorporation of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) into the EEA Agreement in February 2022 open for comments via the consultation portal. The legislative plans seek to implement the European TPD into the Icelandic legislative framework, although no bill has been disclosed yet, as the proposed changes will be made public after the consultation period. The bill is scheduled to be presented during the 2022 autumn session. The consultation period ends on 29th July 2022.
8th July 2022 - North America, United States |
US - General: President and CEO of Truth Initiative, Robin Koval, has issued a statement expressing both confusion and disappointment that “after an extensive review of JUUL’s pre-market application which was submitted two full years ago in July 2020, the FDA is now sending mixed signals over its bold decision to deny JUUL’s marketing authorization just two weeks ago”. Truth Initiative is pushing for the FDA to stand by its decision.
8th July 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |
Malaysia: The minister of health said today, 8th July, that the bill banning the sale of vaping products to all those born after 1st January 2005 that we previously reported on will be presented to the cabinet next week, before it is tabled in the parliament later this month, press reports. The minister further stated that the bill will envisage jail terms for the sale of vaping products to anyone born after 1st January 2005, but that possession will not be punished with incarceration.
7th July 2022 - Asia, Saudi Arabia |

Saudi Arabia: The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority  has introduced an initial draft through the Public Consultation Platform, proposing amendments to the executive bylaw on excise tax. It suggests that a warehouse should be eligible for licensing as a tax warehouse if it acquires an average of 500,000 vaping devices a year rather than 1m devices as at present, and 125,000 l of e-liquid rather than 500,000. The authority has until 30th July to discuss the amendments before accepting them.

7th July 2022 - North America, United States |

US - Federal: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued another batch of warning letters to manufacturers and distributors of e-liquid products that it regards as “new tobacco products” lacking the required FDA marketing authorisation.

7th July 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: The board of the National Public Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) decided unanimously at an extraordinary meeting yesterday, 6th July, to maintain the existing ban on e-cigarettes and heated tobacco. The agency will now prepare a regulatory draft that will be sent to the body’s governing body, the college, for deliberation. The college will later decide whether or not to open the draft for a public consultation.

7th July 2022 - Europe, Sweden |

Sweden: The Public Health Agency has updated the public list of notified e-cigarettes and refill containers, containing 12,054 vapour products.

7th July 2022 - Europe, Italy |

Italy: The Custom and Monopoly Agency (ADM) has updated the lists of notified nicotine-containing and nicotine-free e-cigarette products, now containing a total of 21,341 products.

6th July 2022 - Asia, Philippines |

Philippines: Presidential spokesperson Trixie Cruz-Angeles has told reporters that the new president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, has given no indication of whether or not he supports the Vaporized Nicotine Products Regulation Bill, which would change regulations on vaping products. Bills approved by the former Congress lapse into law if the president fails to act on it within 30 days of receiving it. The presidential office has not confirmed to ECigIntelligence when the bill was received.

6th July 2022 - Europe, Romania |

Romania: The Ministry of Finance has introduced a bill to progressively increase the excise duty on e-cigarettes and e-liquids. It proposes duty on e-liquids at RON0.62 (€0.13) for 2022; RON0.72 (€0.15) in 2023; RON0.81 (€0.16) in 2024; RON0.91 (€0.18) in 2025 and RON1.03 (€0.21) in 2026. If the bill is approved, the new rate will come into force on 1st August and be updated on that date every year.

6th July 2022 - North America, United States |

US - Federal: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has administratively stayed its marketing denial order (MDO) against Juul Labs, says “there are scientific issues unique to the Juul application that warrant additional review”. This only suspends the MDO but does not rescind it -- all e-cigarette products need FDA authorisation in order to be legally marketed.

6th July 2022 - Brazil, South America |

Brazil: The National Public Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) was to discuss the regulation of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco in an extraordinary meeting today, 6th July. The public meeting was called to consider information and comments received during a public consultation, which closed on 10th June. In its preliminary report, published in April, the agency suggested that the existing ban should be maintained. No final decision is expected yet.

6th July 2022 - Europe, France |

France: The National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) has published an updated list of notified e-cigarettes, which includes 81,809 products.

US - Michigan: Senate Bill 1109 has been introduced. This bill would prohibit the sale of vapour products with any heating element not made of or encased in glass and/or ceramic.

5th July 2022 - Europe, Luxembourg |

Luxembourg: In answer to a parliamentary question about whether the increased use by teenagers of flavoured disposable e-cigarettes, as seen in France, was also occurring in Luxembourg, health minister Paulette Lenert said yesterday that as none of the notification fees for disposables had been paid, their presence on the market was illegal. She added that while it did not currently have usage data on these products, “the Ministry of Health takes the emergence of this type of product very seriously [as] the electronic cigarette in all its forms or variants constitutes a potential health risk”.

4th July 2022 - North America, United States |

US - general: The Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) met up with the FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) to discuss the future of the vapour industry and what the association called the “pending illicit sales epidemic”. In a meeting well attended by FDA and CTP representatives, the SFATA challenged the mass issuing of marketing denial orders (MDOs) by the FDA, saying it presented the threat of an unregulated illicit market developing. It said that in the cause of reducing youth vaping, the FDA had spread the belief that vapour products are at least as harmful as combustible tobacco. The SFATA, whose presentation used data provided by ECigIntelligence, called on all interested parties to join it in its work of “advocating for a reasonably regulated marketplace”.

4th July 2022 - Europe |

EU: EU law requires certain large companies to disclose information on the way they operate and manage social and environmental challenges. The European Council and Parliament have reached an agreement on the rules of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which will impact listed EU and non-EU companies operating in the region, with a turnover of more than €150m. Among more detailed reporting requirements, it requires large companies to report on sustainability issues such as environmental, social and human rights and governance factors, and to have their reported sustainability information independently audited.

4th July 2022 - Europe, Portugal |

Portugal: The Directorate-General for Health has launched its 2030 National Strategy for the Fight against Cancer. Among measures proposed are an increase in e-cigarette and tobacco product prices, regulation of ingredients and packaging, and raising the minimum legal purchase age. The document is under public consultation until 29th July.

1st July 2022 - Europe, Portugal |
Portugal: The State Budget 2022, which increases nicotine e-liquid taxes from €0.32/ml to €0.323/ml, entered into force on 28th June.
1st July 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: Today (1st July) the Egyptian Tax Authority published a warning against the sale of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and heated tobacco that do not contain tax stamps. It stated that whoever sells tobacco products without the tax stamp (pendulum) on them could face criminal charges of tax and customs evasion, punishable by imprisonment. The tax authority also announced a new QR stamp system that is yet to be implemented.
1st July 2022 - Denmark, Europe |
Denmark: Starting today (1st July), a tax on nicotine-containing e-liquids applies as set out in the Act 2616/2021. E-liquids with nicotine content of up to 12 mg/ml will be taxed at DKK1.5 (€0.20) per ml, while those with nicotine above 12 mg/ml will be taxed at DKK2.5 (€0.34) per ml.
1st July 2022 - Central America, Panama |
Panama: A law that forbids e-cigarettes, heated tobacco and other devices, with or without nicotine, was enacted today (1st July). The law makes an exception for free-trade zones, whose purpose is to export and re-export to a third country.
1st July 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: Starting from today (1st July), e-liquids will be taxed on a base of  €0.16 per ml. The tax will see annual increases until 2026. A complaint from the Alliance for Tobacco-Free Enjoyment, an association of small and medium-sized companies, was filed in June in the Federal Constitutional Court (BVG) to prevent future increases in the tax, but so far it has not been analysed.
US - California: San Jose’s ban on flavoured tobacco becomes effective today, 1st July, prohibiting the sale of any tobacco products and e-cigarettes with an artificial flavour, natural flavour, aroma, herb or spice, including menthol-flavoured products. The ban exempts shisha, hookah and premium cigars from the restrictions. San Jose is the most populated city in the San Francisco metropolitan area, which means that the ban could affect around 1m people.
US - Indiana: As of today, 1st July 2022, a tax on e-cigarettes will become effective, as enacted by House Bill (HB) 1001, establishing a tax on the retail sale of closed-system cartridges and vapour products of 15% of the gross retail income received by the retail dealer for its sale. While originally closed-system cartridges were to be taxed at 25%, Senate Bill (SB) 382 was enacted in order to establish the same rate as for vapour products.
US - California: As written in Senate Bill (SB) 395, enacted last year, beginning today, 1st July 2022, “a purchaser shall pay a tax on the purchase for use in this state of an electronic cigarette from a retailer at the rate of 12.5 percent of the sales price of the electronic cigarette”. The bill requires a retailer to collect the tax from the purchaser at the time of the retail sale of an e-cigarette. This tax was aimed at bringing closer tax parity between e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products and found support from the California State Association of Counties, among others, stating: “The bill will place an additional retail tax on e-cigarette and vaping products to help support safety-net services across early childhood, public health, and health care systems.”
1st July 2022 - Europe, North Macedonia |
North Macedonia: Today, 1st July 2022, a new excise duty for e-liquids, regardless of their nicotine presence, enters into force as a result of the annual increase of MKD0.20 (€0.003) every 1st July envisaged in the Excise Law. Therefore, the applicable excise duty is now MKD2.8 (€0.45) per ml.
1st July 2022 - Europe, Hungary |
Hungary: Pursuant to Government Decree 197/2022, the new excise duty applicable to all e-liquids, regardless of nicotine content, starts today, 1st July. As we previously reported, e-liquids will now be taxed at HUF31.5 (€0.08) per ml.
30th June 2022 - Europe, Germany |
Germany: Today (30th June) is the deadline for e-cigarette manufacturers and importers to submit their annual market data report on e-cigs.
30th June 2022 - Austria, Europe |
Austria: Manufacturers or importers must pay the relevant annual fee for the notification of common products by today (30th June).
30th June 2022 - North America, United States |
US - General: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has submitted a brief to the US Court of Appeals for the Columbia Circuit in Washington DC opposing Fontem’s court-issued stay allowing their Myblu products to continue to be legally sold in the US market. The FDA argues that the “irreparable harm” that Fontem has asserted (the inability to market its products lawfully) comes from the Tobacco Control Act itself; a stay of Fontem’s marketing denial order (MDO) would not make the marketing of petitioner’s products lawful.
30th June 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: The Egyptian customs authority has published instruction No. 46/2022. Although there is still a degree of discussion, ECigIntelligence understands the instruction prohibits importing brands of all tobacco products that are also produced in Egypt, as reported by local press. No customs release letters will be issued if an imported product is also produced in Egypt, as it is a measure intended to protect local manufacturers. Only brands that are not produced in Egypt may be imported. In addition, the instruction clarifies that sanctions will be imposed according to Customs Law No. 207/2020 against the shipments that do not comply with the instruction.
30th June 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |
Lithuania: The Ministry of Environment is asking bars, restaurants and clubs to place bins on their premises for the collection of disposable vapour products. These businesses can obtain the bins for free by contacting the Electronics Manufacturers and Importers Association, UAB Ecodumas or Royal Smoke, which also take care of the correct disposal of these items.
30th June 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |
Lithuania: The ban on non-tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, introduced by Law XIV-909, will enter into force tomorrow, 1st July. The Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department (NTAKD) informed ECigIntelligence that manufacturers and importers have to remove non-tobacco-flavoured e-liquids through the EU Common Entry Gate (EU-CEG).
30th June 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: The research institute Eurispes published a self-regulation code for the sale, marketing and advertising of vapes and heated tobacco products. The code is voluntary and, so far, it has been endorsed by Anafe-Confindustria, Uniecig (retailers association), Tobacconist Italian Federation (FIT), and the companies Logista and Philip Morris Italy.
29th June 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has updated the list of notified e-cigarette products, which now contains 267,980 vapour products. Only products notified at least six months ago are listed.

29th June 2022 - Asia, Vietnam |

Vietnam: Luu Binh Pyong, a member of the one-party National Assembly, has criticised the loose management of novel tobacco products and spoken out against a ban, press reports. Other members of the Assembly have also supported the creation of a legal framework. Heated tobacco is forbidden in Vietnam while e-cigarettes are unregulated.