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16th November 2022 - Paraguay, South America |

Paraguay: Health minister Julio Borba said yesterday that the ministry would tighten its control over sales of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, due to their increasing use by young people, press reports. Borba said vaping was “an entry gate to smoking” and that he will work with the National Health Surveillance Authority (Dinavisa) to find effective control mechanisms.

16th November 2022 - Europe, Germany |

Germany: Following a meeting last week when members of the Bundestag discussed a smoking cessation study financed by the Federal Joint Committee, the body responsible for determining what medical care is covered by statutory health insurance, one of the study team has told ECigIntelligence that e-cigarettes will be given to participants as a harm reduction product. The study has four stages: psychological counselling, nicotine replacement therapy, smoking cessation medication, and harm reduction products.

15th November 2022 - Europe, Sweden |

Sweden: Bill 2021/22:245, presented in May by the previous government, has been adopted by the Finance Committee and will be debated in Parliament in the coming weeks. The proposal aims to increase excise duty on e-liquids by 1%, starting in 2024. Highly concentrated e-liquids (from 15 to 20 mg/ml) would be taxed at SEK4,040 (€374), and other e-liquids at SEK2,020 (€187), per litre.

15th November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Barking and Dagenham Council has reported the seizure of over 500 illicit disposable vapour products from two local shops by the London borough’s Trading Standards department. Both retailers were given written warnings and will continue to be monitored by council officers, with the threat of prosecution if they carry on selling the products.

15th November 2022 - Asia, Thailand |

Thailand: The Department of Disease Control has issued a warning against vaping, especially by young people. It said most products on the market made misleading claims about the health impacts of vaping, which attracts people to e-cigarettes, even though they are banned in Thailand. “The use of electronic cigarettes may result in disease and health hazards, especially severe pneumonia,” the announcement states.

15th November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Stoke-on-Trent City Council has announced that its Trading Standards team has seized 5,000 illegal e-cigarettes, worth around £66,000, since April. It said the confiscated products exceeded the 2 ml tank volume limit equivalent to “approximately 650 puffs” and were incorrectly labelled. Councillor Carl Edwards, cabinet member for housing and environment, said: “Our team regularly carry out inspections and test purchases to check that premises are following their legal requirements.”

15th November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |

UK: Junior health minister Neil O’Brien has told MPs that the Department of Health and Social Care works with the Department of Education on communications to schools to prevent children from taking up vaping. “To raise awareness of the risks of vaping to children, we have updated information and advice online at the Better Health and Talk to Frank platforms,” O’Brien said.

15th November 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |

Lithuania: Bill XIVP-2036(2) was today approved at its first reading in Parliament. The proposal aims to strengthen the Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department (NTAKD)’s power to shut down illegal advertising and online sales of tobacco and tobacco-related products, including e-cigarette products. If it is passed, the NTAKD will be authorised to order internet and network service providers to remove the illegal content.

15th November 2022 - North America, United States |

US - general: According to a new study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 3m middle and high school students reported using a “tobacco product” in 2022. The study assessed eight commercial products and concluded that for the ninth consecutive year e-cigarettes were the most commonly used tobacco product, followed by cigars, cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

15th November 2022 - Russia |

Russia: The Far Eastern Customs authority has examined 510 different types of e-cigarette imported into Russia in 2022, media reports. In 20 types, the nicotine content was reportedly found to be two to three times above the legal level, up to 61 mg/ml the legal limit being 20 mg/ml. Products that exceed the limit may be confiscated and destroyed.

14th November 2022 - Africa, Morocco |
Morocco: The House of Representatives has approved Finance Bill No. 50.22 for the fiscal year 2023, which stipulated an ad valorem tax of 40% of the retail sale price of e-cigarettes. The law explains that tax increases are implemented to restrict the usage of alternative nicotine products as they pose a similar risk to health as cigarettes.
14th November 2022 - Asia, Qatar |
Qatar: In advance of the FIFA World Cup, the Ministry of Public Health has announced a campaign titled "Sport for Better Health" to ensure the enforcement of Law No. 10/2016 regarding the ban on vaping inside the stadiums and during the tournament, saying that in stadiums a team of 80 inspectors, volunteers, and security staff will ensure the ban is enforced.
14th November 2022 - Africa, Egypt |
Egypt: In a televised interview, Consumer Protection Agency head Ayman Hossam El-Din warned tobacco retailers about selling their products at inflated prices, saying that the agency will launch control campaigns to monitor prices and fight the black market. He explained that violations could result in fines of up to EGP2m ($82,000).
14th November 2022 - Europe, Ireland |
Ireland: Calls have been made to raise the legal age to 21 to purchase tobacco products and e-cigarettes, press reports. Center-right party Fine Gael health spokesperson and Cork North Central TD (Teachta Dála, a member of the Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas – the Irish Parliament) Colm Burke has called on the government to consider this option and include it in the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill 2019 that is currently under consideration. Burke made this proposal at an event titled "Tobacco 21: The case for raising the legal age for the sale of tobacco and e-cigarettes in Ireland" to which the Irish Heart Foundation and Council of the Irish Heart Foundation, among other medical organisations, attended. Currently, Fine Gael holds 35 seats out of 160 in the Dáil Éireann and it is part of the coalition government, alongside the center-right Fianna Fáil and the Green party.
14th November 2022 - Czech Republic, Europe |
Czech Republic: The Ministry of Health has updated the publicly available list of notified herbal products for smoking, e-cigarettes and substitute refills.
US - California: Tobacco companies are suing California over the flavour ban that passed via the ballot on Tuesday 8th November. They state that although the state and localities have broad authority to regulate tobacco products under federal law, "one thing they cannot do is completely prohibit their sale because they do not meet the state or locality’s preferred 'tobacco product standards'." Thus, the flavour ban would be pre-empted by federal law. The plaintiffs are RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, RJ Reynolds Vapor Company, American Snuff Company, LLC, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc., Modoral Brands Inc., Neighborhood Market Association Inc., and MORIJA LLC dba Vapin' The 619.
11th November 2022 - Europe, Ukraine |
Ukraine: An MP from the Servant of the People majority parliamentary faction submitted Bill 8174 "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the strengthening of control measures over the circulation of excise goods", media reports. Bill 8174 seeks, among other things, to postpone the entry into force of the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)-like provisions of the Ukrainian tobacco legislation adopted last December, different provisions of which should enter into force between 12 and 18 months after its publication. It means that if this bill is adopted, the period of entry into force will be calculated not from the date of the publication of TPD-like provisions, but from the day following the end of the war in Ukraine.
10th November 2022 - Asia, Israel |
Israel: The Ministry of Health has launched a campaign against the use of tobacco and vaping products by young people, featuring “testimonies” from teenagers who are addicted to nicotine.
10th November 2022 - North America, United States |
US - General: New warning letters have been sent out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to e-liquid manufacturers it accuses of manufacturing, selling or distributing e-liquid products without a marketing authorisation order.
10th November 2022 - Europe, France |
France: The left-wing opposition NUPES alliance intends to submit a bill to the National Assembly to ban disposable e-cigarettes, media reports. The official text of the bill has not been submitted yet.
10th November 2022 - Estonia, Europe |

Estonia: The Board of Health, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the World Health Organization (WHO) are among bodies that have submitted comments on the Tobacco Act Amendment Bill. All three expressed disapproval of the parts of the bill that would amend the e-cigarette framework. The first reading of the bill is scheduled for 15th November.

10th November 2022 - Asia, South Korea |

South Korea: The Customs Service today announced that it will consult with the relevant ministries to revise the relevant laws to include synthetic nicotine under the definition of tobacco. The authority says it has developed a precise method of analysis to determine whether the nicotine contained in e-liquids is natural or synthetic, in response to importers of e-liquids falsely declaring tobacco-derived nicotine to be synthetic in order to avoid taxes.

10th November 2022 - Asia, Kyrgyzstan |

Kyrgyzstan: The Cabinet of Ministers has set minimum retail prices for e-cigarette products, media reports. A price of KGS250 ($3) is set for nicotine-containing disposables from 1st January 2023, rising to KGS300 ($3.60) on 1st January 2024. A price of KGS1,300 ($15.50) is set for e-cigarette devices from 1st January 2023, rising to KGS1,400 ($16.70) on 1st January 2024.

9th November 2022 - Asia, Kyrgyzstan |

Kyrgyzstan: Parliament member Ulan Bakasov has proposed banning vapour and e-cigarette products, introducing a bill “On the prohibition of the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems and electronic cigarettes”.

9th November 2022 - Europe, France |

France: The Senate has approved an amendment to the 2023 Social Security Financing Bill presented by Republican senator Catherine Procaccia which aims to impose an excise duty of €6 per ml on disposable e-cigarettes, regardless of nicotine concentration, to discourage their use by young people.

US - California: As expected, voters in California yesterday passed Proposition 31 to uphold the 2020 legislation banning the sale of flavoured e-cigarette and tobacco products. Senate Bill 793 was delayed due to a referendum call by the industry, which gave the voters the final say. Many local jurisdictions in the state have already passed some sort of restriction on flavoured products, the sale of which will now be forbidden state-wide.

9th November 2022 - Chile, South America |

Chile: The Chamber of Deputies Health Committee yesterday heard the government’s comments on Bill 12626-11, which, together with Bill 12632-11, seeks to equate all vaping products, regardless of their nicotine content, with tobacco products. The Health Committee agreed in March to drop all provisions relating to vaping products, but they have been reintroduced. The committee has now set a new deadline of 17th November to end the discussion and decide on the bill, which also introduces certain provisions on e-cigarette devices and their components.

9th November 2022 - Asia, Malaysia |

Malaysia: Caretaker minister of health Khairy Jamaluddin said today that if the National Front (Barisan Nasional) wins the upcoming general elections, to be held on 19th November, and he is reappointed to the post, he will reintroduce the Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill 2022, popularly known as the Generational End Game Bill, press reports. He added that if the Alliance of Hope, currently the largest opposition group, wins the elections, former health minister Dzulkefly Ahmad will also ensure that the bill is tabled. Dzulkefly was a member of the parliamentary committee reviewing the bill, which proposes a ban on the sale of vaping products based on the potential purchaser’s birthdate. An analysis of the impact of the Malaysian elections on the sector is available in our Policy Radar.

US - California: Proposition 31, which aims to uphold Senate Bill 793, is on the state ballot today. A “yes” vote would ban the sale of flavoured tobacco and vaping products in California.

8th November 2022 - Europe, Poland |

Poland: A bill to amend the Excise Duty Act has been introduced, aimed at amending the definition of e-liquids to guarantee that all those on the market are taxed. This is in response to some retailers selling e-liquids as air fresheners in order to avoid excise duty. E-liquids are taxed in Poland whether or not they contain nicotine.

8th November 2022 - Europe |

Europe: The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised concerns about what it sees as the alarming increase in vaping by young people in Europe. It says “there is a concern that ENDS can act as gateways to conventional smoking” and that “ENDS are often used to complement cigarette smoking, meaning people become dual users rather than substituting one for the other”. The WHO also reminded regulators of its tobacco control guidance, including recommending banning flavours that appeal to children, prohibiting use in indoor spaces where smoking is not permitted, and banning sales to minors.

8th November 2022 - Australasia, Australia |

Australia: The South Australian state government has launched a plan to reduce the use of e-cigarettes among school students by providing training and preventive campaigns, press reports. A report by the state’s commissioner for children and young people found two thirds of the 1,000 teenagers consulted had tried vaping and 25% used e-cigarettes regularly.

8th November 2022 - Africa, Morocco |
Morocco: The governing National Rally of Independents has proposed amending the 2023 Finance Bill and changing the tax on e-cigarettes to an ad valorem tax of 40% of the retail sale price, press reports.
7th November 2022 - Asia, Jordan |
Jordan: The World Health Organization (WHO)’s director of the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases Office in Jordan, Hala Bou Kardana, expressed the organisation’s concern over the high rate of tobacco use in Jordan, highlighting that e-cigarettes may be worse than regular cigarettes, since no studies have addressed their long-term effects, press reports. Furthermore, Bou Kardana urged a hike in tobacco taxes, pointing out that Jordan has one of the highest rates of tobacco usage in the world, with 66% of males over 18 smoking cigarettes and 16.5% using alternative nicotine products.
7th November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: When answering MPs questions, junior health secretary Neil O'Brien said that the department is considering extending the current e-cigarette framework to non-nicotine vaping products.
4th November 2022 - North America, United States |
US - General: RJ Reynolds is requesting a new federal court trial after a North Carolina federal jury declared that RJ Reynolds owes Altria $95m in damages due to an e-cigarette patent-infringement complaint, media reports. We have previously reported on this case, and more details can be found in Altria's statement.
4th November 2022 - Europe, Lithuania |
Lithuania: The State Consumer Rights Protection Service (VVTAT) fined two e-cigarette suppliers for placing on the market disposable e-cigarettes that violate the Tobacco Law. The VVTAT found that the disposable vapes in question contained flavoured e-liquids and the labelling did not provide all the information required by the Tobacco Law.
4th November 2022 - Europe, Italy |
Italy: The Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) published the 2021 Blue Book, which shows that the revenue from vapour products amounted to €17,737,617.77, increasing 44.63% compared to 2020.
4th November 2022 - Europe, France |
France: The National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) has published an updated list of notified e-cigarettes, which includes 90,131 products.
4th November 2022 - Estonia, Europe |
Estonia: The Health Board has updated the list of notified e-cigarette products, which contains 45,133 vapour products. A list of notified products that do not comply with the Tobacco Act has also been published.
4th November 2022 - Australasia, New Zealand |
New Zealand: After the Vaping Regulatory Authority issued a safety alert on 28th October asking vaping retailers to review if their nicotine products contained the right amount of nicotine concentration, the authority issued a new alert stating that it is reviewing all the vaping substances that have been notified. The authority is assessing each notification and if a potentially non-compliant product is identified, the retailer will be contacted for further information. The authority is also setting up a new testing regime that would purchase vaping products for sale and test their ingredients and nicotine levels to ensure they are compliant.
4th November 2022 - Asia, Indonesia |
Indonesia: The government has decided to increase the excise duties for tobacco and vaping products for the next year, press reports. The average increase for vaping products will reportedly be 15% this year, and the tax will increase every year for the next five years. No formal decision has been reached yet, nor has any bill been proposed. The current excise duty for open system e-cigarettes is IDR445 ($0.029) per ml of e-liquid, while for closed systems it is IDR6,030 ($0.39) per ml of e-liquid.
3rd November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Today (3rd November) a debate on a motion on the independent review of smoke-free 2030 policies took place at the House of Commons. Junior health minister Neil O’Brien said that vaping is far less harmful than smoking and there is more that government could do to support smokers to switch. Member of Parliament Bob Blackman said that many recommendations made in the Khan review can be implemented though ministerial regulations and highlighted the need to secure necessary funding through a “polluter pays” levy that has bipartisan support.
3rd November 2022 - North America, Ohio, United States |
US - Ohio: Last week, the Columbus City Council met with business owners to discuss a potential ban on flavoured tobacco, which would also include flavoured e-cigarettes and menthol products, according to local news. The idea came out of a Columbus Public Health study, which signalled that minority communities are being targeted by tobacco shops, especially regarding menthol flavoured products. In the meeting, many spoke out against the proposed ban, especially vape shop owners, though it was also supported by several others, among them doctors and a middle school teacher. Columbus is the capital of Ohio, with a population of around 900,000.
3rd November 2022 - Europe, United Kingdom |
UK: Yesterday (2nd November) Steve Brine was newly elected as chair of the Health and Social Care Committee. Brine was a junior minister at the Department of Health and Social Care from 2017 to 2019 and has been supporting vaping as an alternative for smokers.
3rd November 2022 - Europe, Scandinavia, Sweden |
Sweden: The Public Health Agency of Sweden has updated a publicly available list of notified e-cigarettes and refill containers. There are 12,317 vapour products on the list.
3rd November 2022 - Europe, France |
France: For the November 2022 no-smoking month (“mois sans tabac”), French authorities say electronic cigarettes, among several other options, could be an aid to quitting smoking or reducing tobacco consumption, but there is no knowledge about medium- and long-term benefits and risks of vaping.
3rd November 2022 - Europe, France |
France: Three deputies (LaporteStuderSeitlinger) submitted parliamentary questions asking whether the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Ecological Transition are considering banning disposable e-cigarettes. The deputies say that these products are easily accessible to minors and they represent a problem for waste management as there is no recycling circuit for them.
2nd November 2022 - Europe |

EU: ECigIntelligence has obtained an incomplete copy of the impact assessment report accompanying the proposal for a council directive amending the Tobacco Excise Directive. This or a very similar draft is to be discussed on 7th December. In order to take into account economic differences within the EU, the European Commission is proposing an index whereby the minimum tax would be periodically adjusted for each individual member state dependent on purchasing power parity (PPP). There would be corrective criteria to avoid huge differences between low- and high-income countries. The EU intends to substantially increase all tobacco and nicotine taxes, as well as to encompass new products and any that emerge later by creating a “catch-all” category. The working draft proposes an EU minimum of €0.10 per ml for e-liquids with less than 15 mg/ml of nicotine and €0.30 per ml for those with more than 15mg/ml. Nic-free e-liquids would also be affected. ECigIntelligence will publish further details of the proposed taxes tomorrow in our news analysis section.

Massachusetts: The Massachusetts Superior Court has dismissed a challenge to the town of Brookline’s Tobacco-Free Generation bylaw, which will remain in effect, town administrator Chas Carey has announced. The bylaw prohibits anyone born after 1st January 2000 from purchasing tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, in the town. “The dismissal of this challenge is a positive outcome, validating decades of tobacco control work in local government to reduce access to tobacco and nicotine products and prevent disease for future generations,” the town’s public health commissioner Sigalle Reiss said. “Brookline has laid the path that other communities may now follow as they seek to keep harmful tobacco products out of the hands of generations to come.” Brookline, which lies in the Boston metropolitan area, has a population of around 60,000.