Regulatory report: Greece, August 2020

New restrictions on smoke-free areas strengthened powers for local authorities to enforce violations of smoking regulations and a ban on shake and vape and DIY vapour products have come into effect. Currently, no enforcement measures have been adopted in relation to the new restrictions. In October 2019, the law on the “Establishment of a national public health organisation, tobacco products regulations and other provisions of the Ministry of Health” was adopted, introducing new restrictions on smoke-free areas, strengthening the powers of local authorities to enforce the law and suppressing violations of smoking regulations. It also introduced a ban for shake and vape and DIY vapour products. As the industry was given a transition of six month in order to implement it, the ban officially entered into force in April 2020. This report provides up-to-date information about the regulations around e-cigs in Greece.

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Table of contents

  1. Executive summary (update)
  2. Regulatory landscape (update)
  3. National regulatory framework (update)
  4. Age restrictions
  5. Product restrictions (update)
  6. Labelling and packaging
  7. Obligation to notify
  8. Retail channel restrictions
  9. Public usage (update)
  10. Advertising and marketing restrictions
  11. Taxation (update)
  12. Enforcement (update)
  13. Case law (updates)
  14. Relevant laws (update)
  15. Relevant bodies
  16. How Greek e-cigarette regulation evolved

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