Regulatory report: France

This regulatory report provides a wealth of information relating to France’s current laws regulating electronic cigarettes, which are complex and many. In addition to an overview of the numerous restrictions that are currently in place, this report also provides a number of recent updates to the regulatory landscape, including the recent fee cancellation for product notification and proposal to further regulate e-liquids.

Reasons to buy: France is one of Europe’s most important markets for e-cigarettes but it also has a fairly severe regulatory regime. This report will allow you to gain accurate and timely information of the regulations currently in place as well as the many government and industry bodies involved in said regulations.

Methodology: The research is completely original and conducted by ECigIntelligence multilingual legal analysis team using several sources, including: online and offline resources and data, specialised legal software, interviews with key stakeholders and government officials, and via the collaboration with local lawyers and on-the-ground profession.

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Table of contents

1 Executive summary
2 Regulatory landscape
3 National regulatory framework
4 Age restrictions
5 Product restrictions
6 Labelling and packaging
7 Obligation to notify
8 Retail channels restriction
9 Public usage
10 Advertising and marketing
11 Tax
12 Sanctions
13 Relevant laws
14 Relevant bodies

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