The Juul in the crown – how social media provided the polish

Effective use of social media may have been responsible for Juul’s remarkable success in the US e-cig market, a new report suggests.

The study, “Vaping versus Juuling: how the extraordinary growth and marketing of Juul transformed the US retail e-cigarette market”, comes from researchers at Georgia State University and the University of Chicago. It looks at the period of Juul’s rise, from relatively unknown brand to market leader, and what the authors describe as a “market transformation” between 2015 and 2017.

They found that the social media profiles track extremely well with the rise in Juul sales indicated by Nielsen data, cataloguing campaigns on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram among others.

“Our study shows that the growth of Juul was accompanied by innovative marketing across a variety of new media platforms,” the researchers conclude.


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