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Find out which devices are preferred in different countries, which brands and flavours are leading market growth and which market drivers are shaping the future of vaping.

Ready-to-use e-liquid most popular: US survey report

2nd May 2019 - Market reports |

This report explores consumer e-liquid preferences, choices and behaviours based on our consumer survey conducted in December 2018. As the respondents were members of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), we believe most respondents were interested in the vaping sector and would potentially have higher levels of consumption

Hardware choices more fragmented: Russia market report

20th December 2018 - Market reports |

In our latest look at the Russian market we can see that most purchases of hardware were made in vape stores, the average spend on hardware was higher offline, advanced systems remain the most used form factor and choices of hardware brands are more fragmented than a year ago

From cigarettes to vaping — the factors for change

26th September 2018 - Market reports |

In this report we compares data on six countries – the UK, France, Italy, the US, Russia, and Germany – to identify factors that impact consumer choice when switching to vaping, including the range of products available, distribution coverage, and affordability

Consumer trends are constantly changing and the vaping industry is no exception. As a relatively new market sector, it’s still developing and even more subject to change than more mature industries.

Recently it has been shaped by the impact of the EVALI outbreaks in the US and the impacts of this health scare have rippled out beyond the US and been felt in key e-cigarette markets all over the world.

This was followed by Covid-19, which reshaped consumers’ buying patterns in a major way, impacting retail outlets and online vape stores on a global scale.

Despite these challenges, there still remains a hardcore of e-cigarette consumers and it’s inevitable that more consumers will move away from smoking to join them in future. What hardware and flavours will they be buying in future? And where will they buy them from? We’ll keep you posted.