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A household name, but Juul is still keen to clean up its reputation

30th April 2019 - Business briefing |

“Do you vape, or use e-cigarettes?” “No, I juul.” The fact that’s a plausible exchange among US teenagers shows just how far Juul has come in making itself part of US life. It’s become part of the language. And that may be a double-edged sword for the company, increasing its visibility both to potential customers […]

Consumers preferences and brand choices are constantly changing and the vaping industry is no exception. As a relatively new market sector, it’s still developing and even more subject to change than more mature industries so consumers won’t necessarily remain loyal to particular brands.

Recently it has been shaped by the impact of the EVALI outbreaks in the US, followed by Covid-19, which reshaped consumers’ buying patterns and brand choices in a major way, impacting retail outlets and online vape stores on a global scale.

Despite these challenges, there still remains a hardcore of e-cigarette consumers and it’s inevitable that more consumers will move away from smoking to join them in future. Which brands will they be buying in future? And where will they buy them from? We’ll keep you posted.