Market Research

COVID-19 online markets tracker

14th August 2020 - Regulatory reports |

This interactive tracking tool presents online traffic changes in the vape retail sector across 32 countries, including analysis of total online traffic evolution per country, total regional online traffic by retailer type, and changes in domestic traffic.

Flavour tracker trial version

18th June 2020 - Flavour & nicotine trackers , Product feature trackers |

Description   Conveniently navigate our interactive and user-friendly visualisations to gain an advantageous perspective on the most significant flavour profiles, categories, nicotine formats and nicotine strengths offered by leading brands and top websites in seven major e-cigarette markets – the US, UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada. The new and exclusive ECigIntelligence flavours and nicotine-strength trackers are indispensable tools, providing » Continue Reading.

Basic starter kit prices of new and old brands in Russia

21st May 2020 - Infographics |

ECigIntelligence compares the newest products on the Russian e-cig market and how their prices compare to the average and the previous year. The full Russia market report goes into detailed analysis of pricing, market size, form factors, purchase channels and top brands.

Notified e-liquid nicotine strength per brand in Italy

5th May 2020 - Infographics |

The top e-liquid brands each have a distinctive range of notified nicotine strengths as highlighted by this graphic. The full TPD notification report for Italy provides insights into the notified categories in Italy – such as disposable devices, closed systems and prevalent brands – and in-depth market analysis of these findings.

Consumer survey: US flavour report

23rd April 2020 - Market reports |

This report, the first of a series of studies of current topics in the vaping world, looks at flavour preferences of open system users and what consumers will do if their favourite flavours are banned

Philippines e-cig distribution channels

27th March 2020 - Infographics |

The Philippines distribution channels are clearly dominated by one type of retailer. Here you can find ECigIntelligence’s analysis of this uneven split, which is further expanded in our in-depth market report for the Philippines Q1 2020.

DIY e-liquid users in Russia

17th March 2020 - Infographics |

What motivates consumers to use DIY e-liquids? ECigIntelligence did a survey with DIY e-liquid users in Russia which has highlighted the most important and least important factors motivating their e-liquid choice as presented in this graphic. The full analytical market report further reveals the most used e-liquid formats, top brands, consumer spending, habits, product preferences and purchase channels.

Snapshot: Russia, March 2020

9th March 2020 - Market reports , Market Snapshots |

This ECigIntelligence market snapshot for Russia covers key indicators: recent, present and forecast market size; an indication of regulation level; an overview of the top available brands, form factors, retail distribution split, prices and affordability