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Marketing and Retailing

Regulatory report: UK gears up for fragmented TPD transposition

3rd November 2015 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Contents1 Introduction2 Regulatory landscape3 Devolved administrations4 National regulatory framework5 Near-future situation in devolved administrations6 Product categorisation7 Information requirements8 Additional obligations in UK devolved countries9 Retail channels (cross-border sales)10 Age restrictions11 Devolved administrations12 Product and packaging restrictions13 Labelling and information requirements14 Public usage15 Advertising and marketing restrictions16 Devolved administrations17 Case law18 Taxation19 Enforcement   There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports » Continue Reading.

E-cigarettes in the UK: regulations, politics, and consultations

2nd November 2015 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

Contents1 Section 1 – Relevant consumer and safety laws2 Section 2 – BCAP/CAP rules and ASA’s enforcement3 Section 3 – Relevant medical organisations’ position towards e-cigs4 Section 4 – Politics and e-cigs in Britain and the British nations5 Section 5 – Summary of consultation questions6 Section 6 – Information sought by the regulator in the UK consultation process   There » Continue Reading.

Image gallery: Northeast U.S. Vape stores

1st November 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United States or the advanced search page.   The images on this page relate to the vape stores chapter in the report In depth: C-stores & vape shops in the Northeast U.S.    

In depth: c-stores & vape shops in the northeast U.S.

1st November 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Introduction3 Methodology4 Mainstream retail: -30% Y/Y decline in e-cig category sales: no shortage of challenges5 Mainstream retail: limited e-cig brands available in c-stores6 Mainstream retail: limited product available in c-stores7 Vape stores in the northeast8 Vape store retail: product range and promotions9 Talking points10 Vape store pricing11 12 Appendix13 Nielsen vs MSA: tracking data compared in c-store » Continue Reading.

E-cig brands sold in the UK’s mainstream retailers

30th October 2015 - Market reports , Topic market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Introduction3 Totals4 Geographical split5 Points of sale per 300 square kilometres6 Points of sale per one million inhabitants7 Type of store split8 Other considerations
There may be more recent ECigIntelligence reports on this territory. Please visit the home page for the United Kingdom or the advanced search page.     Executive summary   Of the seven big offline » Continue Reading.

Report: UK vape store geographical breakdown and analysis

29th October 2015 - Country market reports , Market reports |

Contents1 Executive summary2 Introduction3 Vape stores: geographic distribution Looking at the absolute number of stores by region, approximately 40% are concentrated in Yorkshire and the Humber, West Midlands and the Northwest.4 Vape stores: geographical coverage5 Multiple (chain) retailers6 Comparison with other countries:7 Conclusions8 Appendix 1: summary table9 Appendix 2: regional focus of five large multiple retailers10 Appendix 3: distribution of » Continue Reading.

UK vape store pricing: online isn’t always cheaper

21st October 2015 - News analysis |

A lack of competition has left the south and east of England with the highest average pricing in vape stores – but prices across the UK generally remain remarkably competitive with online sellers, according to new research from ECigIntelligence.

The not-so-noxious weed: how e-cig companies could lead in cannabis

14th October 2015 - News analysis |

39 U.S. states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalise and/or decriminalise marijuana use or possession to various extents. E-cig companies are well positioned to enter the emerging marijuana market because of their technical expertise and intimate knowledge of the science behind vaporisers, and several types of cannabis-compatible vaporisers, or “c-cigs”, may succeed in the U.S. market.

E-cigarette regulation in Germany: the draft TPD plans and beyond

14th October 2015 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • Current national regulatory framework • National regulatory framework post-TPD • Age restrictions • Product restrictions • Ingredients • Labelling and packaging • Product notification • Annual reporting • Vigilance • Retailing • Public usage • North Rhine-Westphalia • Bavaria • Baden-Württemberg • Lower Saxony • Hesse • Public usage: an inconsistent future? • Advertising and marketing • Taxation • Enforcement • Case law: e-cigarettes as medical products • Case law: e-cigarettes as tobacco products • Case law: tobacco advertising restrictions • The missing pieces from the TPD jigsaw • Graphic: how German e-cigarette regulation will change

Portugal adds public vaping ban to new TPD law

7th September 2015 - News analysis |

Portugal has become the latest European Union member state to implement the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), hewing closely to its requirements but also introducing a public vaping ban with limited exceptions.

E-cigarette regulation in Portugal: TPD plans become clear

6th September 2015 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • Current regulatory framework • Product categorisation • Age restrictions • Product restrictions • Notification procedure • Public usage • Advertising and marketing restrictions • Cross-border sales • Taxation • Case law • Enforcement • Conclusions • Graphic: how Portuguese e-cigarette regulation will change

“Most online e-cig vendors make false claims,” says watchdog

4th September 2015 - News analysis |

The majority of U.S. e-cig vendors make unsupported claims on their Websites, a watchdog group has charged after surveying the online presence of 159 companies. Truth in Advertising (TINA), a nonprofit based in Connecticut, examined the firms’ online content including “social media, testimonials, [and] links to studies or media reports” – not just advertising in the conventional sense – to » Continue Reading.

E-cigarette regulatory outlook for Switzerland, August 2015

13th August 2015 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • National regulatory framework • Regulatory change • Timeline for the revised Federal Tobacco Products Act • Age restrictions • Packaging restrictions: current • Packaging restrictions: future • Product restrictions • Public usage • Advertising and marketing restrictions • Taxation • Enforcement • Looking ahead