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Defusing the deeming regs: Congress, courts, and the FDA

9th July 2015 - Regulatory reports , Topic regulatory reports |

Legislative solution: giving the FDA discretion • Legislative solution: changing the grandfathering date • Legislative solution: amending the Tobacco Control Act • Judicial challenge: the Tobacco Control Act’s purpose • Judicial challenge: scientific evidence • Judicial challenge: free speech • Judicial challenge: are e-cigs really tobacco products? • Judicial challenge: injunctive relief • Solutions from the FDA

At last, a domestic e-cig market for China’s manufacturers

6th May 2015 - News analysis |

The domestic Chinese market for e-cigarettes appears to finally be opening up, with a major manufacturer having started distribution of nicotine-containing cigalikes through convenience stores at the beginning of this year, and a number of others having plans to distribute their own products in 2015.

In depth: Spanish e-cigarette regulation and the EU TPD

7th April 2015 - Country regulatory reports , Regulatory reports |

Introduction • Regulatory landscape • Current national regulatory framework • Comparison with tobacco regulation • Public use restrictions • Age restrictions • Packaging and point-of-sale requirements • Advertising restrictions • Medical claims • Taxes • Enforcement • Case law • Regional regulatory developments • Basque Country • Other regions • The missing pieces from the TPD jigsaw • Expected transposition mechanism • Conclusions