Fruit flavours remain favourite among UK vapers

9th May 2017 - Market reports |

In our latest look at the UK market, we find estimated daily revenues of British vape stores vary, mainly between £500 and £1,500. Stores in more populated cities do not seem to be getting more customers than those located in smaller towns, but fruit flavours remain the most popular.

Survey finds U.S. e-liquid market fragmented as pessimism grows

3rd May 2017 - Market reports |

The US Vape Store Survey is an ongoing joint project of ECigIntelligence and the Smoke-Free Alternative Trade Association (SFATA). The first survey was conducted in December 2015. This latest survey took in vape stores across the U.S. from December 2016 to January 2017. It garnered responses from 213 owners representing 417 stores, mostly in the South.

California: vaping treated as if it was tobacco

24th March 2017 - Regulatory reports |

In this March 2017 look at regulations in California, we find that nicotine-containing products are subject to a wholesale tax of 27.3%. This tax rate will be revised periodically. Vaping in the state is treated as tobacco in regards to public usage.

TPD is being transposed as UK plans to leave the EU

15th March 2017 - Regulatory reports |

In this March 2017 report on the UK market, we find that there is currently no national legal restriction on the public usage of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom. Variations in interpretation of the TPD include a modification of the six month standstill period for launching new products, while Tank size limits for new products is 2ml and applies to all tanks, regardless of whether they contain nicotine when sold.

Portugal halves e-liquid tax rate blamed for vape store closures

13th January 2017 - News analysis |

Portugal looks set to cut the tax on nicotine e-liquids by 50%, from €0.60/ml ($0.70) to €0.30/ml ($0.35) in its budget for 2017.
The country currently has the highest rate of tax on e-juices of all the European member states, something that has been blamed for the drastic drop in the number of vape stores in the country.

Germany: post-TPD regulation

13th January 2017 - Regulatory reports |

The future of e-cigarette regulation in Germany is becoming clearer since the transposition of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), but the country’s separate states still have some autonomy is setting the rules.

E-liquid tax having negative impact on Portugal market

9th December 2016 - Market reports |

Due to a tax on e-liquids containing nicotine, most e-liquid bought in Portugal is nicotine free. Vapers are then adding nicotine separately to avoid increasing the price. However, a lot of sales are occurring across the border in Spain, which is having a large, negative impact on the Portuguese market.